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 February 09, 2016
Kenes Group Partners With BestCities Global Alliance To Develop Initiated Conferences Worldwide

 Kenes Group, a leading Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) and Association Management company, announced today the signing of a milestone agreement with BestCities Global Alliance. BestCities is an innovative Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB) partnership of 11 top convention cities - Berlin, Bogota, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dubai, Edinburgh, Houston, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo and Vancouver. As part of this agreement, Kenes and BestCities will work together towards the creation and management of initiated conferences in these 11 key global locations. The inaugural pilot conference will take place in Copenhagen in 2017, followed by a rotation involving all BestCities destinations.

The initiated conferences high-level meetings of doctors, researchers, specialists and communities who are not formally structured through existing associations. Such conferences provide a valuable means of sharing information in ways that cannot be achieved via traditional communication channels, publications and presentations at large scientific meetings, providing a unique opportunity to study a specialized area of expertise or market niche. Further, they offer a high-level scientific platform for key opinion leaders, industry leaders, doctors, researchers, specialists and related professionals to share innovations and discover new capabilities and treatment methods.

"This is an important landmark for Kenes, as we leverage our experience and expertise into building initiated conferences and move into new market niches. The partnership between BestCities and for Kenes goes far beyond both parties leveraging each other's network, sharing knowledge and promotional tools -- it is intended to build a legacy in initiated conferences and help further innovation in many areas in a new and unique way," comments Jurriaan de Vos, Business Development Manager Europe at Kenes.

Paul Vallee, Alliance Managing Director at BestCities, comments, "We are proud to partner with Kenes, a recognized market leader, to develop initiated conferences in the coming years. This agreement supports our shared objectives -- to create superior, far-reaching global meetings that will set the stage for the world's leading medical and science communities, enabling them to meet and showcase their expertise in a highly professionally meeting environment, while creating lasting legacies for these associations when they meet in the destinations that are part of our Alliance."

BestCities Global Alliance

BestCities Global Alliance is a unique and innovative partnership among eleven top convention cities - Berlin, Bogota, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dubai, Edinburgh, Houston, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo and Vancouver. The Alliance was officially launched in Melbourne in February 2000 and since then, it has attracted and shared hundreds of client referrals and developed its own set of Client Service Standards that have been praised by international meeting clients. BestCities bureaux undergo an annual audit to ensure that each bureau complies with the service standards set out by the QMS. Beyond these industry-leading standards, BestCities helps global associations achieve their legacy objectives.


Kenes Group

Fifty years of knowledge, experience and market expertise have led Kenes Group to the forefront of global conference management and to becoming one of the world's leading Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs). Founded in Tel Aviv in 1965 and headquartered in Geneva and Tel Aviv, Kenes has hosted over 3,000 conferences in more than 100 cities around the globe, with over 115,000 participants per year. Recognized as the world leader in meeting planning, Kenes is the only global PCO dedicated to medical and scientific events. Kenes boasts a team of over 300 professional, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary employees in 16 Kenes offices on four continents, with more than 100 returning and long term clients.