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December 08, 2014
Roam With Your Existing Number -- Without Roaming Charges

Thanks to a new innovation by the global communications provider WorldSIM, International travellers can use their 'virtual numbers' to roam internationally with their existing number and still save up to 75% on roaming charges By using ...
December 03, 2014
WorldSIM Launches WorldSIM Tri-Fi -- The Newest Way To Get Online Worldwide

Launching the ultimate travel companion for frequent travelers - WorldSIM Tri-Fi went on sale today. Although only available on pre order, deliveries of this convenient travel gadget will begin from 15th December. Combining three vita...
September 16, 2013
Tel Aviv Launches Free WiFi Connection In 80 Locations Citywide

Residents and travelers to Tel Aviv can now access free WiFi connections in 80 locations throughout the city as part of a new project initiated by the Tel Aviv Municipality. Voted as one of the "Three Most Innovative Cities in the World" by...
April 18, 2013
Groupe Encore Offers Virtual Travel Through Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN)

GVN's end-to-end solution connects the demand for virtual communication with a global supply of public videoconferencing rooms. The new GVN platform enables travel agencies to support their corporate customers with virtual travel alternativ...
October 11, 2012
Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) Expands Its "Virtual Airline" Videoconferencing Network

Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN), "The Virtual Airline", is progressing in delivering its ambition to create the world's largest network of 20,000 high-definition videoconferencing facilities for the business traveller. This month, GV...
May 01, 2012
Hitachi Sponsors New 'On Business London' Traveller App

Hitachi has sponsored the new 'On Business London' traveller app, designed specifically for people doing business in London as well as being an inspiring guide for Londoners. Whether on a short trip into town or if this amazing city is ...
April 20, 2012
Whygo Appoints Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN)

GVN and Whygo are partnering to bring a comprehensive, end-to-end and best-in-class videoconferencing solution to the travel industry. Through Whygo's public room inventory and GVN's travel specific distribution integration, this exclusive ...
December 05, 2011
Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) Now Integrated With TripIt.

As the first end-to-end solution for virtual communication in the travel industry, GVN's focus on the user experience is underlined by the new integration with TripIt. GVN offers the largest and most efficient commercial network of videocon...
May 02, 2011
XCom Global Low Cost Wireless Internet Access Rental Services For International Travelers

XCom Global, Inc., a leading provider of low cost wireless Internet access rental services for international travelers, announced today it will be offering special, membership pricing for the month of May as a preview of one of the benefits...
April 05, 2011
Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) To Deploy 20,000 Videoconferencing Rooms

Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN), a new provider for end-to-end videoconferencing solutions, is the only company to fully focus on the integration with the travel industry's booking processes. GVN manages the hardware, financing, serv...
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