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 April 05, 2011
Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) To Deploy 20,000 Videoconferencing Rooms

 Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN), a new provider for end-to-end videoconferencing solutions, is the only company to fully focus on the integration with the travel industry's booking processes. GVN manages the hardware, financing, service and supports the commercial models inherent to the travel industry. The GVN business plan includes deploying 20,000 HD end-points together with and through the hospitality industry. By creating this large and necessary scale, GVN makes offsite videoconferencing commercially viable for professional users.

"The global economic crisis and the need to maximize productivity have fueled significant growth within the videoconferencing space," reports Ira M. Weinstein, a senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. "This has resulted in an increased need for service offerings that simplify the task of scheduling and conducting video meetings. By integrating its service with travel reservation systems, and by expanding the base of public video rooms available, GVN will make videoconferencing more accessible and convenient to business travelers around the world."

According to a recent study conducted by Business Travel News, "Fifty-two percent of survey respondents indicated they expect their business travelers this year to use offsite remote conferencing solutions." The benefits of offsite videoconferencing are substantial for the corporations. The travel managers can reduce the yearly travel cost and CO2 footprint, but also reduce the security risk of traveling to unsafe locations. With GVN's integration in the travel booking process, they can now maximize the conversion rate to virtual communication. The IT Director supports the offsite solution as it reduces the strain on their organizations' resources for setup and maintenance, as well as reduces the legacy risk and the strain on their internal network. The CFO values the outsourcing of non-core services which lead to an instant ROI; every offsite videoconferencing leads to an immediate travel cost reduction, without the need for capital expenditure.

Glenn Wastyn, GVN President and CEO explains, "By upgrading the existing infrastructure with GVN HD end-points, the hospitality business can expand their offering and tap into the videoconferencing market without the technical hassle or upfront investment. Further, GVN's commercial model supports the existing travel processes of direct sales, online sales and sales through travel management companies to facilitate the utilization by travelers." GVN will connect their own network with existing systems from business centers and corporations that want to tap into this global directory and unleash the full potential of their videoconferencing assets.