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 December 05, 2011
Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) Now Integrated With TripIt.

 As the first end-to-end solution for virtual communication in the travel industry, GVN's focus on the user experience is underlined by the new integration with TripIt. GVN offers the largest and most efficient commercial network of videoconferencing destinations in the world through its seamless integration into the existing travel booking process. With over 3,000 commercial videoconferencing rooms available today, and with 20,000 public high-definition and telepresence rooms on the roadmap for the future, GVN brings quality and highly reliable virtual communication to its users.

TripIt, the leading mobile travel organizer from Concur, makes it easy for millions of travelers to organize and share their trips. Forwarded travel confirmation emails create one simple, smart itinerary to access on a smartphone, calendar, or anywhere online. Glenn Wastyn, President, CEO of GVN is a TripIt fan, "As a frequent traveler I've found that TripIt has made my traveling life easier to track and organize. I always knew that TripIt could help us create a better user experience for our virtual travelers."

Gregg Brockway, Executive Vice President, General Manager of TripIt said, "Business travelers rely on virtual communication to stay connected and productive on the road. GVN now makes it easy for travelers to keep virtual meetings organized in their itinerary along with other important trip details."

GVN is uniquely advantageous for all the stakeholders in travel. Travel agencies can offer a more comprehensive and green service to their customers; while hotel suppliers maintain customers potentially lost through more stringent travel policies during the economic crisis and gain new corporate business. Corporate travel managers can be empowered by taking control of virtual communication, providing an alternative that will reduce their annual travel spend. GVN also integrates a company's private rooms into the booking process, thereby bringing a larger offering of available "virtual destinations" to the table. The CFO and CIO will get this access with fewer investment requirements as they would in more private rooms and every virtualized trip generates immediate cost reductions. The travelers win more global virtual destinations and most importantly, will save time and money.

Pascal Struyve, President of the Belgian Association of Travel Managers agrees, "Travelers are asking for more efficient ways of communication. Managing private rooms with publically available videoconferencing rooms, within a global travel program, presents a major advantage: reductions in the annual travel spend and the company's carbon footprint in a coordinated way. GVN's alignment with TripIt further facilitates the process of virtual communication for business travelers."