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 May 01, 2012
Hitachi Sponsors New 'On Business London' Traveller App

 Hitachi has sponsored the new 'On Business London' traveller app, designed specifically for people doing business in London as well as being an inspiring guide for Londoners.

Whether on a short trip into town or if this amazing city is one's normal place of work -- the 'On Business London' app is designed to help everyone on business in London.

The 'On Business London' iPhone app helps users quickly find the perfect hotel or meeting venue, an inspired place for client drinks or entertainment, or the best places to shop and relax in time off. It is then possible to record these to a personal itinerary using the app Planner and sync with iCal.

Developed by The Liquid Way and Imano, the On Business London App provides a valuable tool to visitors on business in London. Highlights include: as the only iPhone apps with built-in TFL functionality for live travel information, it has everything needed for getting around town or simply just getting back to one's hotel -- with the 'get me home' button. Location maps are accessible offline, avoiding expensive roaming bills and the augmented reality functionality helps to find out what's in the immediate vicinity.

With the 'On Business London' iPhone app, everything for doing business in London is now right in the palm of the user's hand.


• Live TFL travel information
• Planner helps users build their personal itinerary and then syncs with iCal
• Access to London's best meeting locations
• Offline maps of London streets and public transport
• The essential guide on where to meet, stay, eat, drink, shop, relax or entertain in London
• Refine results by categories such as budget, type of business group, interest and mood
• "Assistant" recommends places to prepare for an important meeting, helps book a taxi or get back to one's hotel with the 'get me home' button
• Augmented reality, to find out what's in the immediate vicinity
• Sharing London experiences via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
• Searchable, GPS-linked listings mean you can sort points of interest by distance from your location
• Bookings can be made directly from the app and synced with your iCal calendar directly via the built-in planner.