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 April 11, 2005
Toshiba New Ultra-Portable Notebook For Mideast

 The Toshiba Portégé M300 notebook is the new benchmark in the Middle East for ultra-portable, ultra-reliable computing for the travelling business person. The notebook's toughened design lets you lug it around airports, hotels, conferences and the office, knowing that valuable data is safe, and that the machine can withstand the rigours of the mobile lifestyle.

Weighing in at just 1.59kg, the Portégé M300 has a battery life that lasts up to 11 hours to last through a working day - or a trans-continental flight.

The Portégé M300 comes as with all of the popular connectivity options as standard, including Bluetooth and infrared to allow you to connect to accessories or mobile phones and PDAs, built-in modem for dial-up Internet access, high speed Ethernet for wired connections, or WiFi for connecting from the office or wireless hotspot.

It has a multimedia slot for compact flash (CF) and SD cards used widely on digital cameras and MP3 players, allowing you to transfer images and sound files easily.

Key to its appeal to the business traveller is the technology Toshiba has developed to keep the machine safe from the hazards of modern business life. This is one of a first in a new range of machines to be released in the Middle East with Toshiba EasyGuard, which has three core elements: Secure (features that deliver enhanced system and data security); Protect & Fix (protective design features and diagnostics utilities for maximum uptime); and Connect (features and software to ensure easy and reliable wired and wireless connectivity).

Some of the EasyGuard features in the Portégé M300 include the Shock Protection System which is built into the magnesium-reinforced chassis (which safeguards the screen and main system components). The combination of motion sensors and hard disk drive protection circuitry means that even if the machine is dropped or jarred, data is safe. The Portégé M300 also features a spill-resistant keyboard to prevent system damage from accidents (up to 30 cc of liquid).

The physical security of the machine is enhanced through device locks, and data is protected through password utilities that provide additional security to the system, the hard drive and the system BIOS. A "Device Lock" prevents data from being copied on to removable devices, and the Trusted Platform Module protects sensitive data through encryption and digital signatures. The Execute Disable Bit (XD Bit) component directly guards against buffer overflow attacks common to many viruses and exploits.

To ensure that network connections are reliable, the machines come with pre-installed Toshiba ConfigFree connectivity software. This, along with Toshiba's patented integrated diversity antenna technology, means that the Portégé M300 consistently finds the optimum connection for wireless networking, and will automatically configure itself to the strongest network available.