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 January 08, 2009
Tele Atlas Expands Digital Mapping Podcast Series

 Tele Atlas, a leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location based solutions, has added a new episode to the Tele Atlas Digital Mapping Podcast Series, which provides insight into industry trends, discussion of various topics related to digital maps and location based solutions, and timely details about Tele Atlas news.

The newest episode of the podcast of the series titled, "An Expert's Perspective on Digital Mapping Trends," will feature Dominique Bonte, Research Director at ABI Research, to discuss current digital mapping trends and offers an outlook for 2009. Margot Delogne, vice president of global communications with Tele Atlas, hosts this exclusive podcast, as well as the regularly scheduled discussions with various Tele Atlas executives and industry experts.

"Digital mapping now encompasses more than roads and road attributes to support applications for navigation and pedestrian location services, including more geographical content, visual enhancements and photographic content and most notably, dynamic content, which is becoming a major and vital enhancement," said Bonte. "The digital mapping industry has also evolved to engage the community of users, and this will be a key component to maintaining up-to-date maps with increasing richness and freshness."

As part of ABI Research's international telematics and automotive research team, Bonte is responsible for the firm's telematics and navigation coverage. His background includes telecommunication and mobile device applications experience and he has held a variety of positions at consumer and industrial technology companies assuming roles in product management and market research and intelligence. Bonte also formed his own company in software consulting for mobile devices, where he acquired extensive experience in mobile satellite navigation software.

Additional episodes from the Tele Atlas podcast series are currently available online, including:

Episode One: A discussion with Bill Henry, CEO of Tele Atlas, about the industry's first global digital map database to use community-provided data to identify and validate changes.

Episode Two: A discussion with Rik Temmink, vice president of product management of Tele Atlas, about what community means to Tele Atlas and how community input will help revolutionize the industry.

Episode Three: A discussion with Temmink about Tele Atlas Speed Profiles and how the product will transform navigation users' experiences with unprecedented detail and accuracy for optimal routing.

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