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 November 12, 2009
Hospitality Automation Consultants And Pertlink Partnernship

 Two leading Hospitality Technology Consulting firms have created a global partnership that will provide unparalleled services to the hospitality industry.

HACL (Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd., USA) and Pertlink (Pertlink Ltd., Hong Kong) have more than 100 years combined hospitality and consulting experience covering the major continents and an extensive client mix. HACL and Pertlink play an instrumental role in successfully pioneering the implementation of new technologies and techniques for streamlining operations that also enhance the customer experience.

The new entity brings together industry-leading domain knowledge. Their global reach allows hospitality companies to work with one firm that can fulfill all the technology and hospitality consulting needs of their business.

Lester Spielman - President and CEO of HACL said of the partnership; "Dave Berkus, my partner at HACL and I are very excited about the synergy behind the partnership which perfectly leverages the infrastructure and telecoms expertise from HACL and merges it into the unique guest-experience expertise from Pertlink thereby providing a one-stop shop for the client."

Terence Ronson - Managing Director of Pertlink added; "We live in a global village. The advent of new technologies has made change the only constant in this evolving global hospitality environment. This partnership helps our partner hospitality groups to make sense of it all and apply these efficiently and cost-effectively. Our goal is to work with clients on a global basis and we are confident this partnership provides the correct platform to do just that."

The two firms grew from opposite sides of the world with HACL in the U.S. and Europe, and Pertlink in Asia. By combining their global insights of the industry, the partnership can help businesses avoid unnecessary time-consuming analysis, starting projects with an understanding of what works among emerging products and technological systems designed for the hospitality industry.

As hotel brands expand worldwide, they look to work with firms who can translate their corporate strategy to new regions while remaining sensitive to local cultural nuances. Having had far-reaching experience of operating in the global marketplace, the newfound partnership of HACL and Pertlink can help do just that.

Some of the unique areas of expertise that the new joint venture brings to the hospitality industry are the experience of identifying emerging hospitality technology companies and assisting these companies in bringing their products to new geographic markets.

Providing the legal and financial framework required to penetrate new geographic areas, the partnership oversees everything from the initial hiring of the country manager to acting as guardians for the parent entity. HACL and Pertlink have an international network of industry-proven personnel that ensure their success in any market. The venture empowers their clients to fully control the customer experience. HACL and Pertlink achieve this by sharing their insights through decision processes and providing experienced and structured vendor qualification.

The two companies draw from a global talent network, allowing the partnership to cover technical, operational and management areas of a hospitality project from concept to delivery.

Based in California, USA, HACL has been providing services to the Hospitality industry since 1979 when the firm was founded to provide consulting services to both vendors and hotel organizations. A member of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants, HTNG, HFTP, and other industry associations, the partners of HACL combine to provide experience deeply rooted in hospitality, with clients from among the largest hotel chains to newest independent properties. HACL has helped its clients bring to market the newest technologies to enhance the operating environment and guest experience, particularly in the areas of in-room systems and guest-facing technologies. The firm is recognized as a leading expert in telecommunications strategies; one of the areas most challenged in the hospitality industry due to reduced payback and increased guest expectations for connectivity. HACL also has successfully provided the services and infrastructure for vendor firms expanding into new continents, and is credited with a number of major vendor expansions over the years. Partner Les Spielman, HACL founder, is recognized as a leader in telecom advances in hospitality. Partner Dave Berkus, a member of the HFTP Hall of Fame, is known for his deep understanding of new technologies and leadership in advancing the use of these throughout the industry.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Pertlink was established in 2000 and since that time has been involved with numerous unique and pioneering projects that became world famous and trendsetters. The Rosedale on the Park (Hong Kong) was featured on CNN when it became Hong Kong's first cyber boutique Hotel in 2001, and when the Langham Place was launched, it was heralded as Asia's most technologically advanced hotel. Pertlink designed and put together the unique technology for TANGULA the luxury train service that will run from Beijing to Lhasa when its licenses are approved. It steered the Sofitel Wanda Beijing during the 2008 Olympics in it's quest to establish new levels of technology for this re-launched brand. Most recently, Pertlink was involved in several exciting projects, one of them the PuLi (Shanghai). And to coincide with the 2010 Shanghai EXPO, is helping in the launch of the Zendai Himalaya (Shanghai) and Guoman Hotel (Shanghai).

Pertlink manages the successful Hospitality Technology Forum for HOFEX, and participates in various regional and global conferences. Terence Ronson is an active member of the ISHC, HFTP and HTNG.