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April 23, 2001
Austrian Airlines - Electronic Route Manual (eRM) - Worldwide First

A traveller who spends a lot of time at airports knows the scene: Pilots of various airlines in good-looking uniforms of various designs, but with one worldwide distinguishing feature - a black, square, and very heavy looking bag - the pilo...
April 06, 2001
Quantitude Chooses Belgacom As Provider of Network Services

Continuing its build out of one of the largest TCP/IP global networks, Quantitude, Inc., the global networking subsidiary of Galileo International, Inc., today announced that it has chosen Belgacom SA to be its 'preferred provider' of inter...
March 29, 2001
Sabre And BlueTags Partnership To Create eBaggage Tracking Solution

Sabre Holdings Corporation and BlueTags, a Danish company providing intelligent tags for handling, detecting and monitoring objects, have announced that the companies have signed an agreement to deliver the travel industry's most technologi...
March 28, 2001
Philips And Deutsche Telekom Trial GPRS-BasedMPEG-4 Multimedia At CeBIT

Philips and T-Mobil, the mobile division of Germany's Deutsche Telekom have successfully carried out trial demonstrations of MPEG-4 high quality video and audio multimedia streaming to mobile devices at the Philips strand at CeBIT 2001. ...
March 22, 2001
Sharp Corporation and Gyration Develop Motion-Sensing Projector Remote

Sharp Corporation at CeBIT today introduced the presentation industry's first LCD projector to feature a remote control with motion-sensing GyroPoint Technology. The XG-P20X Conference Series projector seamlessly integrates Gyration Inc.'s ...
March 21, 2001
Sharp And PacketVideo Team To Deliver Mobile Devices

Sharp Corp. and PacketVideo Corp. today announced a licensing agreement to integrate PacketVideo's industry-leading wireless multimedia delivery technology into Sharp's recently developed Linux-based wireless devices. Detailed terms were...
March 21, 2001
HP Introduces Mobile Products &Solutions At CeBIT 2001

Hewlett-Packard Company today announced an array of offerings to meet the needs of mobile consumers and provide enterprises with new tools to easily access and manage information. The announcements highlight HP's vision for mobility, whi...
March 06, 2001
Columbitech Announcement For Mobile Professionals

Columbitech today announced that it will begin marketing a range of wireless VPN products for the US enterprise market. "Columbitech Wireless VPN" will enable mobile users to have wireless connections over wireless IP networks, and will be ...
February 06, 2001
Canon Develops Technology for New Hyperphoto Bubble Jet Printer

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon, Inc., has announced development of technology for a new medium to high volume HyperPhoto Bubble Jet printer that can be used as a stand-alone unit or as part of the HyperPhoto Digital Express 3000,...
January 23, 2001
AlphaGrip to Debut the World's First Handheld Speed Typing Device

AlphaGrip Inc. will present the world's first and only handheld speed typing device and technology at Upside Events' Showcase 2001 in La Quinta, Calif., which takes place Jan. 22-24, 2001. AlphaGrip was selected by Showcase executive pro...

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