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 June 17, 2015
Wings Travel Management: A First For Wings Energy Academy Graduates

 The first class of "Energy Champions" has graduated from Wings Energy Academy(tm), a unique 12-month educational programme, launched last year by Wings Travel Management, specialists in providing complex travel services to companies in the oil, gas and marine sector.

Wings Energy Academy is designed to give the company's staff an in-depth understanding of how the oil and gas sector operates and the insight to solve their clients' travel challenges even more effectively. Split into quarterly phases, the course focussed on four different roles in the industry -- Roughneck, Derrickhand, Driller and Rig Manager -- and covered topics such as types of drilling platforms, exploration, typical rotational schedules, what life is like for a rig worker, life cycle of an oil field and history of the industry.

The final stage required Wings Energy Academy students to study one of their oil and gas clients in detail, which included a presentation on the company's history, main operations, structure, risks, challenges, current news and competitors. In addition students had to identify ways in which Wings could enhance its travel management services to support the client's business more efficiently.

A total of 44 Wings Travel Management consultants worldwide graduated as Energy Champions after completing all four stages of the course with a pass-rate of 80 per cent or more on all assessments. Each Energy Champion was presented with a crystal trophy containing a floating drop of oil. The next class of students will commence the course in June 2015.

Energy Champion, Lee Phillips, travel consultant based in Wings' oil and gas division in London commented: "I found the course very useful, especially learning about the different types of rigs and what the role of a rig worker entails. I now really understand what the crew go through on each rotation and have a new respect for the work they do. It makes me want to do everything I can to make their travel as smooth as possible.

"Understanding the energy jargon also helps me to perform the job more efficiently," he added. "For example, when oil workers talk about the 'Christmas tree', I now know that they are referring to the vertical set of valves and fittings connected to the top of a well which is used for flow control!"

Tony Sofianos, CEO, Wings Travel Management said: "As specialists in solving the toughest travel challenges for companies in the energy sector, we felt that it was important for our staff to truly understand how the oil and gas industry operates and the different roles of employees in this sector," commented Tony Sofianos, CEO, Wings Travel Management.

"We believe the Wings Energy Academy takes a unique approach and that no other travel management company is giving its staff such extensive training which is specific to the oil and gas sector," he added. "Not only are our staff experts in handling complex travel arrangements and negotiating the best possible fares, these new Energy Champions can also service their clients and travellers with much greater insight into their day-to-day needs and working environment.

"In fact the programme has been so successful that one of our energy clients has even asked if their employees could participate in the next course!" Sofianos said.