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 May 30, 2013
Hertz Optimizes Travel Experience In And Out Of Car With NeverLost GPS; My Explore Mobile App

 The Hertz Corporation and Navigation Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hertz, today announced the newest innovations to the acclaimed Hertz NeverLost travel planning tools, creating an easier way for users to plan trips and explore cities. Among the enhancements, Hertz has partnered with Waterkeeper Alliance to offer the first-ever "Waterkeeper Swim Guide," accessible to customers via the in-car Hertz NeverLost GPS unit. The "Waterkeeper Swim Guide" is a new data source that will tell users where beaches are located, which are safe for swimming, and what's unique about each beach. Hertz is also expanding its NeverLost My Explore mobile app to include five new city guides for the following locations: Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and Napa. The new city apps will be available to download starting June 10, 2013.

"These innovations allow us to continue delivering the cutting-edge technology and custom content our customers want, both in and out of the car," commented Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark P. Frissora. "As we kick off summer travel, we are excited to provide our customers with tools like the Waterkeeper 'Swim Guide' and an expanded list of unique, customized city guides that enhance their car rental experience, and make it fast, easy and fun."

The "Waterkeeper Swim Guide" is a tool that brings together real-time beach water quality data from across the U.S. and Canada free to customers with interactive visualizations on their computer or mobile device. The Swim Guide, featured within the Hertz NeverLost(r) GPS 'Explore City' in-car content enables customers to further customize their travel experience by receiving up-to-date, and easy to understand beach information.

"Waterkeeper Alliance is proud to partner with Hertz on the Swim Guide. The Swim Guide re-connects communities with their waterways by telling people how to find the closest beach and if it is safe to swim when they get there," said Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. "An informed public is the foundation of a functioning democracy. By making water quality data easily available, this tool will promote healthy public debate about the costs of pollution to our communities."

Travelers will also have an easier time planning, navigating and exploring even more of the country's major travel destinations with the expansion of the NeverLost My Explore(tm) app to include five new city guides - Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and Napa -- starting June 10, 2013. Ideal for business and leisure travelers, the app allows users to maximize their travel experience with customized voice narratives and text descriptions for must-see sites, tours, shopping, neighborhoods, favorites and restaurants. Highlights include:

• Local City Tours: Rediscover a city with unique tours. Visit the Denver Botanic Gardens or spend a day under the sea at Baltimore's National Aquarium.

• Local Neighborhoods: Explore niche neighborhoods or take a walking tour to find hidden gems, like that quaint shop or cozy restaurant you wouldn't find otherwise.

• Events: In town for a short trip? Stay up-to-date with fun local events -- from music festivals and concerts to exhibitions, conventions, theater performances, and more. Events are updated weekly, so you'll know exactly which nearby Napa wineries are hosting special tastings or events this weekend!

• Must-See Attractions: Choose from hundreds of media rich attractions and the top must-see and -do for each region. Have a couple of hours to spare in Detroit? Check out the history-rich Henry Ford museum or the must-see Motown Historical Museum.

Features of the NeverLost My Explore app include augmented reality to turn a camera phone into a live map at the touch of a screen to show surrounding attractions, map view to let users find their way by car, foot, or public transportation, live weather updates for help pre-planning activities, social media integration so users can share travel adventures using Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, and free download codes to integrate seamlessly with any NeverLost GPS device.

Additional features of the Hertz NeverLost GPS include:

• NeverLost Online Trip Planning -- Users can visit to build and manage a custom itinerary before they ever hit the road---complete with airport details and every destination along the way. Trips are sent wirelessly to NeverLost(r) with a personal download code for secure and convenient access.

• Concierge-on-demand -- Concierge Assisted Routing, a FREE on-demand travel service that gives users access to concierge-style customer service and live travel support seven-days-a-week, is available for help with trip planning, tips and re-routing of any travel plans.

• Users can call 800-823-2547 to connect with a concierge, or get started online and a NeverLost concierge will build the trip. Routes can be sent wirelessly to NeverLost; with 10 days advanced notice, users receive a free customized Hertz NeverLost USB drive with their trip pre-loaded.

• Comprehensive database of destinations -- Hertz NeverLost does the heavy lifting with a database of more than 6.5 million points of interest. Users get quick and easy access to a frequently-updated list of destinations right at their fingertips -- from city attractions and sites to local neighborhood destinations.

• Popular Chains, one of users' favorite features, displays touch screen logos of some of the most popular chains, so users can find the closest locations of well-known restaurants and retailers at the touch of a screen. Need a quick pick-me-up on the road, a well-deserved lunch break for your road crew, or maybe a little TLC for your MVP? Your closest coffee shops, trusted restaurants, and even pharmacies and convenience stores are as close as a touch of a logo!

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