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 February 25, 2011
Mobile Expense Reporting Gaining Ground According To The Wire From AirPlus

 AirPlus International, a global provider of corporate travel payment and analysis solutions, has released February's The Wire...from AirPlus entitled: Expense on the Go. Mobile expense reporting is gaining traction in almost half of the corporate travel professionals surveyed, who are using, researching or planning to use such technology within the next six months. For more details, including a complimentary PDF of the results, please visit the AirPlus Community.

"More smart phones were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2010 than PC's, according to a report from the Associated Press. I see that within the mobile technology realm there are smarter and more efficient solutions being developed at a rapid pace." said Richard Crum, President and CEO of AirPlus International, Inc. "Corporate travel managers and their business travelers are poised to reap the benefit. At AirPlus, we work with the industry's expense reporting tools to feed our robust data directly into a company's preferred system."

The Wire...from AirPlus is a monthly report on the pulse of the business travel industry on timely and relevant topics. Results of this edition are based on a survey of 149 corporate travel professionals in North America and Europe from January 18 to February 9, 2011.