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 July 14, 2011
Adelman Travel Systems, Inc. Joins UATP's Merchant Base To Benefit Corporate Customers

 Adelman Travel Systems, Inc. (dba Adelman Travel Group) is strengthening its customer service and lowering its distribution costs by becoming a UATP Merchant effective immediately. Adelman Travel Group clients will now process all applicable services fees and industry charges on the UATP card allowing corporate clients to reconcile with one easy report.

"With a large corporate client base, ease-of-use and lowering distribution costs are integral to success. Customer demand drove Adelman to become a UATP Merchant, and by doing so, we will continue to provide excellent customer service to our clientele," said Angela Abbate, Vice President, Global Services, Adelman Travel Group. "Correlating service fees with corresponding tickets provides for ease-of-use reporting with UATP. This will enhance our customer service and help Adelman continue its growth."

Adelman will settle all UATP transactions through UATP Settlement Services (USS), a low-cost, weekly settlement system that matches fees and air tickets electronically. This allows for easy reconciliation of accounts for travel agents and their customers for non-clearinghouse transactions.

"As corporate travel continues its growth, it is important for the UATP Network that we expand our base and provide our corporate subscribers all the tools they need to make travel as easy as possible," said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP. He continued, "Adelman delivers both value and service to its clientele, and by becoming a UATP Merchant, they've extended the options necessary for corporate travel, UATP acceptance."

Adelman Travel Group

Adelman Travel is a unique provider of travel management for corporations with both national and global requirements. It has four regional travel solution centers: Hartford, Conn., Milwaukee, Wisc., Fort Worth, Texas and Irvine, Calif. Adelman Travel is a shareholder in RADIUS, a global travel company with over $19 billion in sales located in over 80 countries worldwide. The company offers dedicated affiliate offices in Asia, Canada and Europe and operates full-service, onsite travel centers for corporations throughout the United States and worldwide. Adelman Travel was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.