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 October 28, 2013
Corporate Travel Management Solutions (ctms) Joins UATP Network As A Travel Agency Merchant

 Corporate Travel Management Solutions (ctms) has joined the UATP Network as a Merchant and now accepts all UATP cards for payment.

"As a UATP Network Merchant, ctms has set themselves on the right path to achieving their goal of continuing to expand globally," said Ralph Kaiser, President and CEO, UATP. "ctms will now have the opportunity to reach out to new global clients and continue to progress as a leading travel management company."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with UATP and becoming a member of their growing Network," said Tom Osovitzki, Chief Executive Officer of ctms. "As a UATP Merchant, we will have the tools to help expand our global reach while ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service."

UATP is a global payment solution owned and operated by the world's airlines and accepted by thousands of merchants for air, rail, hotel and travel agency payments. UATP offers easy-to-use data tools, DataStream and DataMine, which provide comprehensive account details to Issuers and Corporate Subscribers for accurate travel management.