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 May 04, 2011
Tourism Malaysia Canada Launches Revamped Website

 Tourism Malaysia Canada has launched a completely revamped website, which is user friendly and easy to navigate. The new website features more than 10 main channels with over 140 sub-pages, providing more robust content on Malaysia.

"We are very pleased to launch our new, revamped website for Canadian travelers," said Ms. Kausar Kassim, Tourism Malaysia Canada Vice President. She also added, "Our goal is for travelers to enjoy our country, beginning from the planning stage."

The website is a valuable resource for Canadian travelers interested in experiencing what Malaysia has to offer. The site includes the most relevant information needed for planning a trip to Malaysia, including information on climate, currency, transportation, hotels, food, activities, attractions, travel packages, and much more. It is also a platform through which Canadian tour operators can promote their Malaysian packages.

Rich in cultural diversity, Malaysia offers a truly Asian experience. The country is made up of a unique fusion of three of the continent's oldest civilizations: Malay, Chinese and Indian, further enriched with the indigenous tribes. These multicultural influences can be seen in their festivals, architecture, and in their colorful cuisine. With English widely spoken throughout the country, Malaysia offers one of the softest landings in Asia.

Tourism Malaysia Canada is an official government agency serving travelers and trade professionals in Canada. The agency provides facilitates trip planning and promotes travel and tourism to Malaysia.