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 October 13, 2015
PCMA Business School Returns To IMEX America's Smart Monday For Second Year

 How improvisation can be applied in business, rather than in acting classes or comedy clubs, was revealed at the second annual PCMA Business School held as part of IMEX America's Smart Monday, powered by MPI, held at The Venetian |The Palazzo Congress Center, Las Vegas.

The highly interactive PCMA Business School: Business Improv Workshop was presented and led by Bob Kulhan, a professor at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. The innovative and entertaining afternoon, sponsored by Synchronicities, was delivered to a packed audience of industry professionals at all levels. Bob, who is a world-class leader in developing experiential learning programs for businesses, covered a range of improvisation techniques designed to strengthen team building, conflict management, networking and advanced problem solving skills.

Attendees were on their feet, talking to fellow participants and putting into practice Bob's pearls of wisdom. The animated session left participants energised and full of enthusiasm and confidence as Elin Mayer from Mayer Motivations explains:

"What an energy changer! I knew improv was a useful tool to engage supplier and clients - I now know why and how to really use it effectively. Bob is a fun and educational leader -- and learning through fun is certainly the best way!"

Gabriela Marquez from BCD Travel M&I in Mexico added: "This session has really encouraged me to break from my comfort zone and prompt fresh thinking. It was also a fun way to network and the interactive nature of it helped to break the ice with fellow participants. I've learnt to really listen, not to judge and to take risks."

"PCMA Business School was a huge success at IMEX America," said Deborah Sexton, PCMA President and CEO. "Professor Bob Kulhan's session participants left Las Vegas armed with a better ability to think on their feet, foster team dynamics and identify barriers to creativity. We look forward to expanding this program and taking PCMA Business School to Frankfurt next April."

PCMA Business School will take place at IMEX in Frankfurt on Monday 18 April 2016. More information will be released shortly.