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 March 02, 2009
Direct Energy Centre's New Program To Make Special Events "Green"

 Direct Energy Centre in partnership with Direct Energy Business recently launched the "Keeping it Green" program, an easy, costeffective service which will enable event planners and meeting organizers from across North America to reduce the environmental impact of their event.

The "Keeping it Green" program allows meeting planners and event organizers to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) equivalent to the amount of electricity used by their event. These RECs, which come from EcoLogo certified generation facilities, represent proof that one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from a renewable source -- such as wind, solar, low impact hydro, biomass, biodiesel or geothermal power -- and delivered into a power grid.

"Direct Energy is committed to developing products and services that help our customers reduce their environmental impact and become more energy efficient," said Maura Clark, President, Direct Energy Business. "Event planners and meeting organizers will now be able to substantially reduce the carbon impact of their events. This is not only a good marketing message for the event but the right thing to do for the environment"

Direct Energy Business, naming rights partner for Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition
Place created a customized program to provide REC's for trade/consumer shows and events at the facility. The "Keeping it Green" program stood out as comprehensive and straight forward, and fit with the environmental mandate at Exhibition Place. Direct Energy Centre and Exhibition Place prides itself on demonstrating to its event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees that it is possible to organize a successful event and be environmentally friendly.

As part of the "Keeping it Green" program, Direct Energy Centre will assist event organizers and meeting planners to promote their event as supporters of sustainable energy.

The Interior Design Show, which took place at Direct Energy Centre February 5-8, 2009 was the first event to participate in the "Keeping it Green" program. "The Interior Design
Show's exhibitors, sponsors and guests challenged us to place more focus on the environment in all aspects of the show. The "Keeping it Green" program offered at
Direct Energy Centre was a very easy way to ensure our three-day event had limited environmental impact," noted Judy Merry, Vice President, Operations, Interior Design Show.