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 August 20, 2002
Additional Leadership For WCVM (World Council for Venue Management)

 Cliff Wallace, Chairman of the World Council for Venue Management (WCVM), has expressed his optimism with the results of the Annual Council Meeting held in Atlanta GA USA on 25 July 2002. Among the most significant items of business was the appointment of two new officers of the WCVM through its annual meeting in New Orleans next July. Joseph A Floreano, CFE, will serve as the First Vice Chairman of the WCVM and Hans Mixner will serve as Second Vice Chairman.

Floreano is currently the President of the International Association of Assembly Managers ( He began his career in venue management in 1966. He is currently Executive Director of the Riverside Convention Centre in Rochester New York USA having served in this position since 1985. He has been active in the IAAM during his 26 years as a member serving on numerous association committees at the district and national level.

Mixner is the International Councillor for the European Association of Event Centers ( and currently serves as the Managing Director of Design Center Linz in Austria having been in that position since 1991. He has served in the venue management industry since 1961 having also worked with the Austria Center in Vienna.

The WCVM unites professional public assembly venue management associations throughout the world representing collectively some 1,500 of the world?s premiere stadia, arenas, coliseums, performing arts centers, conference venues and convention/exhibition centers. Founded in 1997, the WCVM seeks actively to enhance communication and professional development through the exchange of information and technology among member associations and their individual members in order to facilitate wider knowledge and understanding of the public assembly venue industry.

Wallace reported at the council meeting a full year of activity, especially considering the challenges surrounding the terrorist related tragedies in the United States on 11 September 2001 which initially caused major global impact to venue business and security issues associated therewith. Subsequently, challenges related to these tragic events continue to impact venues in such areas as the acquisition of property and public liability insurance covering acts of terrorism, and, adequate security provisions in order to assure an acceptable level of vigilance in the operation of venues.

Wallace also indicated that professional development opportunities for venue executives remain a high priority as a part of the WCVM?s objectives. The Council actively supports the Public Venue Management School operated by the Venue Management Association (Asia and Pacific) Limited and the Public Assembly Facility School operated by the International Association of the Assembly Managers (IAAM). The Council is supporting efforts among its sevenmembers (7) member associations to establish additional educational programs in Asia and Europe as well as a certification program for its global membership similar to the current Certified Facility Executive (CFE) program administered by the IAAM.

Members associations of the WCVM are:

Association Internationale des Palais de Congres (AIPC)
Asia Pacific Exhibition and& Convention Council (APECC)
European Arenas Association (EAA)
European Association of Event Centers (EVVC)
International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM)
Stadium Managers Association (SMA)
Venue Management Association (Asia and Pacific) Limited (VMA)