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 September 02, 2010
Allstream Centre Receives Environmental Stewardship Certificate

 Allstream Centre at Exhibition Place was recently awarded the Environmental Stewardship Certificate for its outstanding commitment to green power by Direct Energy Business. Since it's opening in 2009, Allstream Centre has been powered with 100% Green Energy, through the purchase of Renewable Energy Attributes (REA's), and is the first Conference Centre in Canada targeting LEED Silver Certification.

Over the period of October 2009 to September 2010 Allstream Centre was provided with 4,200,000 Kilowatt Hours of Renewable Energy Attributes, equivalent to the amount of electricity used. These REAs, which come from EcoLogo certified generation facilities, represent proof that one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from a renewable source - such as wind, solar, low impact hydro, biomass, biodiesel or geothermal power - and delivered into a power grid. By comparison, the same amount of electricity produced using conventional fuels such as coal emits a national average of 5,607,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, a key greenhouse gas.

The environmental benefit of Allstream Centre's commitment compares taking 551 passenger cars off the road for one year, 327 households' electricity use for one year, 2,119 acres of pine or fir forests storing Carbon for one year, or 856 tons of waste recycled instead of land filled. These renewable energy attributes advance energy security, independence and sustainability.