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 October 24, 2011
Metro Toronto Convention Centre Adds Local Food Advocate

 The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) has announced another milestone in its journey toward sustainability with the addition of a local food advocate to its team. In the newly created role of Local Food Procurement Officer, Chef and Project Manager Kelly Hughes has taken on a mandate to create and implement a new strategy for MTCC around Ontario-based sourcing. The Broader Public Sector Investment Fund as part of the Greenbelt Fund has provided funding for the position. The MTCC has partnered with OCTA (Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance) in support of this great initiative.

The MTCC is enthusiastic about increasing the amount of local food on its menus for the cornucopia of benefits. From supporting local economies and building strong communities, to the environmental impacts of reduced air pollution from food travelling shorter distances, and the health benefits of fresher, tastier produce, sourcing food locally is simply the best choice.

"I'm excited to take on this new challenge of offering a true taste of Ontario to visitors, while supporting Ontario farmers and producers at the same time," said Kelly Hughes. "My passion is local and sustainable food, so I look forward to setting goals for procurement that will reduce the MTCC's footprint. Putting the plan into action will be a collaborative effort. As we engage and train our suppliers and staff about the initiative's importance and impact, our goal of providing Ontario-sourced menus will be achieved."

"The MTCC is grateful for this opportunity to go above and beyond our current "Locally Sourced" menu by optimizing the food and beverage options available to our guests. It's another part of our plan to reduce the environmental impact of events hosted at the MTCC," said Barry Smith, President and CEO of the MTCC.