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 June 04, 2012
Direct Energy Centre Introduces First Electric Vehicle Charging Station

 Direct Energy Centre recently launched its first electric vehicle charging station located in the underground parking garage of the Centre. It is the first of its kind at Exhibition Place and is a welcome addition to the GREENSmart program implemented in 2004.

Guests who use a plug-in electric vehicle to attend meetings, conventions and tradeshows at Direct Energy Centre or Allstream Centre can now utilize the Level 2, Electric Vehicle Charging Station. The Level 2 charger is designed to provide an 80% vehicle recharge in approx. 4 hours, which is the typical time spent attending any of the major events.

"We are pleased with the addition of this environmentally friendly initiative to our grounds" says Dianne Young, CEO of Exhibition Place. "Having a Level 2 charger further shows the commitment of Exhibition Place towards environmental sustainability"

Exhibition Place already enjoys 14 hybrid parking spaces, 5 Parent & child spaces and 88 Wheelchair accessible spaces for the convenience of our guests. The Level 2 electric charger station is now located at the east entrance of the indoor parking garage.

Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place

Award-winning Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition place is the largest exhibition and convention centre in Canada and the sixth largest in North America with over 1 million square feet of space. Exhibition Place is Canada's largest entertainment venue, attracting over 5.2 million visitors a year. The 192-acre site is an integral component of Toronto and Ontario's economy, particularly with respect to sport festivals, recreation, culture and tourism. Exhibition Place is committed to be a world leader in energy-efficient technologies. Some of our environmental initiatives include: waste-diversion, recycling and composting programs; a wind turbine producing 1.2 million kilowatt hours of energy annually; geothermal and photovoltaic arrays; an urban forestry program including lake-water irrigation of the site; and venue naming rights for Direct Energy centre with fees earmarked for energy conservation projects.