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 October 31, 2012
Metro Toronto Convention Centre Wins Prestigious Sustainable Tourism Award

 The Metro Toronto Convention Centre named winner of the Ontario Sustainable Tourism Award at the 2012 Ontario Tourism Summit, held in London, Ontario. The summit and ceremony were hosted in partnership by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, and included awards for excellence in advertising, marketing, culinary tourism, and sustainability.

This prestigious honour proved to be a culmination of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre's commitment to keeping Ontario a thriving, healthy and economically sustainable province, and was secured by a combination of the Centre's Sustainability initiatives, and the recently launched Local Food Program. The Convention Centre's success in both of these areas has resulted in a record breaking diversion rate of 88% for the past fiscal year, three times the number of green meetings, and a purchasing rate of 50% locally sourced food for 2011, or $1.8 million dollars directed back into local farms and the economy.

"The award is an immense honour," said Barry Smith, President and CEO of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, "we continue to be a leader in sustainability and providing clients with a facility which allows a range of green options so they can contribute to the greening of our planet. Now, we can also offer a Local Food program, which relatively speaking is quite young, and we're still gaining momentum. To receive recognition for what we have already accomplished is an indication that buying Ontario products is the right decision."

"The McGuinty government congratulates the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on its continued record of success," said Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. "This award recognizes the Convention Centre for its strong leadership role in Toronto and Ontario tourism, and for exceeding the expectations of visitors to Toronto, stimulating economic growth and creating jobs."