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 February 25, 2014
The Iconic Manhattan Center Revamps With New Executive Team & Renovations To Venue

 The Manhattan Center, home of the iconic Grand and Hammerstein Ballrooms and New York's celebrated destination for extraordinary performances and special events, welcomes 2014 with a fresh executive team to reposition the studios in the corporate and social structure as well as renovations to offer a facelift to the esteemed property.

Markus Karr, who was recently promoted to president from vice president of the studios, is at the helm with newly appointed director of sales and marketing, Jessica Rothstein Berman. Together, the two will position the Manhattan Center as THE event space for all corporate and social functions in addition to working with the New Yorker Hotel complex in the expansion of both facilities.

As New York City venues are changing, The Manhattan Center continues to remain a New York City staple. As president, Karr will oversee the venue as the company's on-site executive, leading all day-to-day management while Berman will work hand-in-hand to lead the company toward the new future.

To further enhance the iconic venue, The Manhattan Center is implementing a two-year phased renovation to upgrade its facilities to bring the space to its full grandeur. The renovations are to include cosmetic work as well as a refresh to the lobby, a revamp in bathroom facilities as well as physical renovations to the flooring, seating, doors signage, painting, lighting and investments to sound and lighting. Additionally, to add curb appeal a new marquis is in the works.

During the two-year, seven figure plan, the venue will continue to be fully operational. The goal is to expand past the base of concerts and music events.