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 January 23, 2014
ADME International Enters Strategic Partnership With Pow Wow

 The Association of Destination Management Executives International & Pow Wow Smart announced that they have entered into a new Strategic Partnership. Pow Wow Smart is delighted to be partnering with ADMEI, the pre-eminent International organization for Destination Management Companies (DMCs).

"It made sense to take our relationship with Pow Wow Smart to the next level. They are providing great value to our members, have become actively involved in our association and are part of the exciting future of the industry," said Fran Rickenbach, Executive Vice President, ADMEI.

"ADMEI and their vast network are extremely important to Pow Wow Smart. We had a tremendous experience at their annual conference last year in Montreal, and met some of the destination management industry's finest executives and managers, several of whom signed up to use our software" said Frank Schnur, CMO of Pow Wow Smart. "We are certain that all members will benefit from using Pow Wow Smart. It is important we continue the momentum generated last year and look forward to working with ADMEI in the future"

As part of the deal Pow Wow Smart will be extending special discounted pricing to all ADMEI members that sign up as part of the new strategic partnership.


Owners, CEOs and executives of the most experienced and long-standing destination management companies in existence form the framework of the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI). These visionaries came together in 1995, after a series of exploratory meetings in which they agreed an organization was needed to represent this segment of the travel and meetings industry. Many concerned companies donated funds to establish the only non-profit association in existence today for destination management company executives and their staffs. We are not a lead-generating or marketing consortium. We supply information to corporate and association meetings professionals regarding member DMCs in their locale or a locale in which they will be managing meetings, events, incentive programs, etc.


Pow Wow Smart

Pow Wow Smart is the comprehensive technology platform that delivers innovative ground transportation solutions for meetings, conferences, and events. Designed for Meeting and Event Planners, our SMART ground travel management applications provide the power to effectively plan, analyze, design, forecast, and modify manifests for all types of groups and events. Pow Wow Smart reduces the time and effort to create a budget, submit a proposal, determine vehicle needs, make and modify reservations, and provide pre and post meeting analysis and reporting. Pow Wow Smart fully intergrates your approach to event travel, optimizing processes and systems for tracking and managing the ground transportation life cycle.