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 January 28, 2014
Pow Wow Joins Certain's Event Success Hub

 Leading group ground transportation software and event management technology company Pow Wow Smart announced that it has partnered with Certain Inc. Certain will make its clients aware of the benefits of Pow Wow Smart via it's Event Success Hub, Certain's comprehensive event enterprise platform. Event Success Hub brings clients a set of trusted solutions, services, and expertise that deliver additional value to events.

"Pow Wow Smart gives our clients the opportunity to organize and manage their ground transportation needs, while helping them save time and money," said Brad Kofoed, Senior Director, Alliances at Certain, Inc.

"Pow Wow Smart's ability to manage ground transportation dovetails nicely with Certain's event management solution. Once clients have their registration and venue requirements organized, they need to book transportation," added Frank Schnur, CMO of Pow Wow Smart. "Clients that love what Certain does for their events will appreciate how Pow Wow manages the complexities of this process." he added.

Pow Wow Brings Check-In Easy To The Airport

Pow Wow Smart also announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with event check-in software company Check In Easy. Check In Easy streamlines and simplifies event check-in and management and significantly increases the speed and overall efficiency of the whole check-in process. The partnership will allow customers to upload their manifests from Pow Wow Smart into Check In Easy on their iPads and other mobile devices using a new customized download format. This new format provides all the relevant data to allow airport greeters to check-in attendees at the airport and direct them to their vehicle.

"This is something that our customers have been asking for from the beginning. As soon as I saw Check In Easy, I knew it would be of great value to our customers. We just had to add the airport transfer information that they like to have at their finger tips," said Frank Schnur, CMO of Pow Wow Smart. "Its great, as soon as an attendee gets checked-in, its automatically updated on everyone's iPads as well as on the website, so coordinators at the airport and planners back at the office can all keep track of everything in real time," he added.

"With the added data from Pow Wow Smart, Check In Easy becomes a very powerful tool for DMCs, meeting planners and any organization that has greeters checking in attendees at the airport," said Justin Baer, CEO of Check In Easy.