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 February 10, 2014
ACTIVE Network Business Solutions Publishes Mobile Playbook

 ACTIVE Network Business Solutions, the leader in SMART EVENTS technology, today announced availability of a Mobile Playbook that provides a guide to strategy, tactics and best practices for incorporating mobile apps into Meetings and Events. Publishing on the heels of its Social Media Playbook, ACTIVE's Mobile Playbook includes chapters on everything from creating a mobile strategy; to best practices for mobile before, during, and after the event; to measuring the success of mobile Meeting and Event apps, and more. The Mobile Playbook is available as a free download from ACTIVE Network Business Solutions' website, today.

"Mobile for Meetings and Events is no longer a 'nice to have,' it is a must have," said JR Sherman, Senior Vice President and Senior General Manager of ACTIVE Network Business Solutions. "Few industries can fully utilize the breadth and depth of mobile technologies as well as the Meetings and Events industry. Mobile empowers attendees and builds loyalty. It allows attendees to better engage with each other and the event. Organizers can use mobile to measure and track onsite behaviors. This playbook serves as a guide for everyone from planners who are just getting started with mobile to those with an established program, to help ensure their mobile app is utilized as an integrated component of their larger Meetings and Events strategy."

Among its contents, ACTIVE's Mobile Playbook explains recommended features for mobile event apps, such as appointment scheduling and audience polling. Tips for selecting a mobile solution provider are provided, as well as best practices for driving adoption of mobile Meeting and Event apps. Additional contents include the following:

• Web vs. Native apps─the benefits and drawbacks of each

• Top 10 tips for going mobile

• Ways to take advantage of the natural social media and mobile app connection

• Best practices for gamification as a way to drive booth traffic and ensure attendees experience the desired event touch points

• Cost and monetization, including how to offset costs through sponsorships or advertising

• Mobile analytics as a way to measure the results of mobile apps

• A glossary that defines key mobile terms, such as "feature creep" and "hybrid app"

ACTIVE Network Business Solutions Group

ACTIVE Network is powering the next generation of SMART EVENTS through its Business Solutions technology suite, which provides intelligent data and insights designed to increase potential revenue growth, deepen attendee engagement and gain efficiency. Customers of all sizes - including small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise corporations, associations, tradeshows and expos - benefit from a single technology partner for all of their event management needs. The Business Solutions technology suite includes ACTIVE Conference for large flagship conferences, ACTIVE RegOnline for attendee management solutions, ACTIVE StarCite for strategic meetings management and event expense management, and the ACTIVE Marketplace to connect events with suppliers.