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 March 13, 2014
Visiting Vancouver, Canada? There Are Apps For That!

 Getting oriented (fast) to a new city takes top priority for most visiting delegates -- and not just by asking "Which way's the convention centre?"

With the wide world of apps uploading an endless stream of location specific data, your iPhone is all you need to answer burning questions like Where's the free WiFi? and Which food truck is dishing out kale smoothies? Read on for recommended Vancouver apps that'll help you get the most out of your meeting in the city.

Visit Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver's free app is your best bet for a general city overview and finding out what's "app"-ening during your trip to Vancouver. Trying to locate a boutique budget hotel? Keen to find a hole-in-the-wall cocktail tavern known only to locals? It's all here, and more.

Street Food Vancouver

For a quick nosh between conference sessions, download the Street Food Vancouver app to hunt down some of the city's best street eats. Ranked third-best food truck city in North America, Vancouver features a diverse and delicious street food culture whose purveyors are peppered throughout the downtown core. This free app makes navigation a breeze thanks to an interactive map and information on menus, operating hours and locations.

Vancouver Free WiFi

Want to wander throughout the city without feeling totally disconnected from work? The Vancouver Free WiFi app costs just $0.99 but will save you countless dial-up charges by directing you to the closest free WiFi hotspot. You can search via GPS or by neighborhood and, once a location is found, the app offers reviews of signal strength and indicates whether the location has power outlets.

Transit App

Vancouver has a sleek and sophisticated public transportation system that takes the stress out of travel within and outside the downtown core. The free Transit App can be used across North America, but when tuned to Vancouver it provides real-time schedules for all modes of public transportation including bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain and even the Aquabus mini-ferries that chug across False Creek.

Vancouver Bike Routes

Vancouver is one of the most bike-friendly cities in North America, and visitors can make the transition to two wheels with ease by downloading the free Vancouver Bike Routes app. The app lays out the city's dense network of bike routes and separate bike lanes, giving you the ability to map out a personalized and scenic cycling tour. Our advice? Set your route to rip through the downtown lanes before hooking up with the seawall, then finish with a meandering cycle through the lush wilds of Stanley Park. Rested and relaxed? Good. Now find the free WiFi and get back to work.

Visit Vancouver on the App Store