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 May 15, 2014
Conference Management For The Online Age: A Case Study

 Conference Management, iPhone apps, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook... Social media has achieved full integration in our daily lives and, when used appropriately, is also a valuable tool for networking, marketing and building business.

As companies become more confident using online media, many have broken away from the mold and are venturing into new territory with unconventional methods for transforming web interaction into bottom line increases.

Case in point: International Conference Services (ICS), a Vancouver-based PCO with a dedicated "Virtual Meetings Department" that has developed social media strategies not only to boost attendance but also to organize and promote online meetings. ICS used one of its own web-based events, the GOLD Lactation Online Conference, as a pre-emptive test, introducing Facebook and Twitter campaigns that kicked off a full year before the event, increasing interactivity with industry websites to achieve greater reach, and playing with viral marketing. The department also set up the conference website to automatically send promotional Tweets when delegates completed online registration (think of it as "word of mouth" for social media), and created web contests that encouraged networking and conference promotion.

The result of this online frenzy? Conference registrations rose by nearly 75 percent and ICS attracted more followers than ever on its Facebook and Twitter platforms. Now that deserves a GOLD star.