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 September 16, 2014
MICE Academy Partners With RecertTrack

 The MICE Academy which administers the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme, has created a partnership with the Associations and Meetings Professionals' Advancement Portal, powered by RecertTrack, that will provide it subscribers with an 'Official Education Tracking Service' for all its subscribers. RecertTrack is the first company to offer an e-certification renewal support system solution to certified professionals in the sector.

The MICE Academy created by Helen Brewer in South Africa to support all sectors of the meetings and events industry has subscribers from EMEA, UK, USA, EU and Australia who are undertaking the CPD MICE Programme. The Academy says the partnership will boost its commitment to the value and importance of industry certification with robust knowledge sessions within its CPD Programme, many of which earn attendees CEU credits for other industry certifications, RecertTrack will now provide an online tracking service that will incorporate the CPD requirements. At the same time, members of organisations such as (MPI) Meeting Professionals International, (PCMA) Professional Convention Management Association, (ICCA) International Congress and Convention Association among others will be made aware of the CPD Programme and also be able to sign up.

"This means event practitioners who have accumulated the required number of credits -- within a CPD programme period - can log their score-cards and indeed certificates on RecertTrack via the MICE Academy's verification system," commented Helen Brewer. "The opportunities are enormous as both inbound event planners as well as international relocation allows the Academy's subscribers to prove their achievements with total confidence."

Michael Dominguez, Chair of MPI International Board of Directors, adds: "This type of service portal is desperately needed in an industry that has put an emphasis and priority on increasing our value as meeting professionals. With the variety of certification programmes available, an aggregator that manages global education as well as the storage of documentation, activities and reminders for individuals certified through these programmes is making the best use of technology to fit a need in the meetings industry."

Cedric Calhoun, RecertTrack CEO and Founder, who has spoken at various international industry events on the value of certification says: "If doctors and lawyers require certification to be regarded as competent and trusted in their occupations, why should event and meeting organisers be regarded as any different. This isn't just about qualifications, it is about creating an international structure which can sustain ongoing re-certification which will support career progression and help people move up within their industry."

CPD Programme subscribers will be asked to subscribe to the RecertTrack portal and while they are creating their profile they will be asked to enter a Group Code, which will be supplied when individuals subscribe to the CPD Programme. Subscribers will automatically be given the special subscription rate.


RecertTrack is a privately held corporation based in Silver Spring, MD, USA. RecertTrack provides an online, environmentally sustainable method of recertification and certification tracking for individuals, companies, membership organizations, and certification and licensing boards. It is committed to helping professionals achieve success by providing a system that saves time, checks for human error, and does not consume paper waste. RecertTrack gives individuals the ability to track their professional development activities, store their recertification documentation, and submit their recertification applications in zip files. Reviewers are able to log in to the online system and ensure that these individuals have met credentialing requirements; corporations that rely on certified and licensed professionals can easily verify the credentialing status of their certified or licensed professionals. RecertTrack is changing recertification one tree at a time with a tool that promotes efficiency, quality, and environmental sustainability.