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 October 31, 2014
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Launches "Hungry For Tokyo" Campaign In U.S.

 Tokyo's world-class culinary scene coupled with unique, delectable dishes are at the heart of a new tourism campaign that was launched in New York and Los Angeles this week by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG). To show the incredible quality and variety Tokyo's cuisine has to offer, the TMG visited both cities, to promote Tokyo for culinary tourism. For the opening event, the TMG invited media guests and guests from the travel industry to a Tokyo City promotion seminar and reception in New York on October 28th and in Los Angeles on October 30th.

As part of the Tokyo promotion campaign, a savory array of Japanese and Tokyo-inspired cuisine will be featured throughout November 2014 via the "Hungry for Tokyo: the ultimate foodie destination" restaurant campaign. The promotion involves more than 40 restaurants in Los Angeles and New York City where each establishment will spotlight a Tokyo-themed menu for the entire month of November. Creative offerings such as Oyako-don with Tokyo Scallion by Yakitori Totto in New York and K-ZO Vegetable Tokyo Tower served at K-ZO in Los Angeles are just some examples out of many campaign dishes that will be featured. Upon ordering one of these dishes from a special menu, the customer will receive a copy of the "Tokyo Gourmet Guide: the Expert Edition," a customized booklet for this campaign containing insider information on the best places to eat in Tokyo.

Participating New York restaurants will include acclaimed spots such as EN Japanese Brasserie, Sushi Nakazawa, Ivan Ramen, Sushi Zen, Yakitori Totto, and Speedy Romeo among others. In Los Angeles, featured restaurants include Izakaya Hachi, Sushi Roku, Hirozen, Sotto, Picca, Superba and many more.

A new dedicated "Hungry for Tokyo" campaign website has also been launched to promote culinary tourism to Tokyo. For more information about the "Hungry for Tokyo" city promotion campaign, visit:

In addition to the campaign website, the TMG also launched an online sweepstakes. The tantalizing grand prize offers the winner a chance to fly to Tokyo for free! In fact, there has never been a better time to visit Tokyo, the city which was recently named the Experts' Choice & Readers' Choice in the Saveur Culinary Travel Awards in the category of "Best Markets & Shops, International". The host city of the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games has recently made visiting Tokyo even more exciting for foreign tourists by revamping the tax-free shopping initiatives.

For more information about the online sweepstakes, please visit the following site: