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 March 21, 2015
AIPC Annual Conference Adds Parallel Financial Management Component

 This Year's Theme: Engagement!

One of the most important issues in both the convention centre and overall Meetings Industry today is how to build value from hosted events that includes not just revenues but also the benefits associated with better engagement with local business, professional and academic communities. But while this has a growing priority for a number of years there has only been limited success in translating it into tangible and measureable programs and reflecting it in destination positioning.

As a result, AIPC's 2015 Annual Conference in Boston will place a major focus on this aspect of centre planning and programming, illustrating the principles and opportunities from both a specific centre perspective as well the broader principles driving the agendas of these key community groups.

A Special New Conference Component

This year's AIPC Annual Conference will feature a parallel session with particular importance - given the competitive and economic challenges faced by many centres these days - that will bring together centre CFO / Administrative managers to look at common concerns such as performance measurement, benchmarking, financial management and economic impact measurement where there is a potential benefit to be had in better alignment or sharing in these specialized areas.

This parallel session will report progress and outcomes back to the Conference plenary as a part of the overall program. Make sure your centre is represented in what will be some highly relevant discussions in a key area of centre management!