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 August 04, 2015
Society For Worldwide Medical Exchange, With Assistance From ABTS Convention Services, Launches ForuMedico

 The Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange (SWME), an international non-profit focused on advancing global health through continuing medical education, with the assistance of ABTS Convention Services (ABTS), a global meetings and conventions services company with 20 years of experience, is launching ForuMedico, a virtual environment where healthcare professionals worldwide network and collaborate while engaging with new educational content.

SWME's multilingual online course focused on antimicrobial resistance and hospital-acquired infections will include the brand new ForuMedico, a 3D online environment, available during and after the course, that aims to deliver content in an innovative and engaging fashion as well as to provide ongoing networking and learning opportunities. All subsequent SWME courses will also include this exciting feature.

The virtual environment features a COMMON area for doctors, faculty, and partners to meet and network as avatars, as well as an auditorium for conferences, keynotes, and learning. In addition, every SWME course will have a DEDICATED area, composed of an auditorium, for targeted video content and seminars, a learning center, where additional materials will be available for course participants to download, and an exhibit hall.

In the exhibit hall, separate from the educational environment, medical associations and sponsors may showcase their upcoming events, services, and products through uniquely customized virtual booths. This will give medical associations and sponsors the opportunity to maximize their brand exposure, interact with doctors and other stakeholders, and have access to powerful data tracking and intelligence provided by the avatar-based platform, while maintaining the integrity of the medical education offered to the medical professionals.

ForuMedico 'attendees' are able to 'walk' around, navigate from one booth to the other, exchange business cards and bios, chat, and teleport by using virtual interactive maps and an internal search engine. All the available content can be saved in a virtual bag and downloaded from within the platform. Anyone - globally - can attend from the comfort of their home or office and interact as if they were onsite.

This project enhances brand exposure via a 3D experience and improves peer-to-peer interaction over other online modalities- an essential element for the medical community, it represents an effective opportunity to deliver learning content engagingly, it provides an unparalleled insight into participants' interests and behavior, and it offers a multimedia experience by integrating all the digital channels in one place.

With the expansion of virtual healthcare solutions that occurred over the last few years, the medical community has become increasingly familiar with digital technologies. ForuMedico uses the most advanced technology available in the field with the aim of being at the cutting edge of a technology-intense trend that is gaining significant momentum.

ABTS Convention Services

ABTS Convention Services (ABTS) has over 20 years of experience delivering global internationally-focused sales and integrated marketing strategy solutions, negotiating internationally-friendly group housing and providing on-site expertise to manage your international groups. ABTS is recognized as a leader in medical association management and exclusively represents 20+ major US medical associations. With offices in Miami, Rome, San Francisco, and Belgrade, our reach extends to the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia. The company partners with medical associations worldwide and our multilingual multicultural teams maintain a global network of over 35,000 international planners. ABTS also serves top pharmaceutical companies, communication agencies, and incentive houses throughout the world.