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 December 28, 2015
Puerto Vallarta Closes Record Year With 90% Occupancy

 The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board announced that the final month of the year will top a successful 2015 with over 90% occupancy rate.

According to Puerto Vallarta's Hotel Association President, Rodolfo Pacheco Hernandez, between the dates of December 19 to January 6 the destination will see a 20% increase from last year and hotels are reporting 100% occupancy from December 24-26 and December 31 to January 2.

2015 has already been Puerto Vallarta's best year on record since 2008 with an average occupancy rate of 65% from January to November with approximately 12,326 rooms occupied on a monthly basis. Close to 1.8 million international visitors vacationed in Puerto Vallarta during the same period, representing an increase of nearly 19% with an additional 282,975 in international arrivals over the previous year.

International arrivals to Puerto Vallarta's International Airport (PVR) were up by 12.3% from January to November.

Miguel Andrés Hernández, Director of the Puerto Vallarta OCV said that visitors have generated almost $30 million USD to the destination's hotels and more than $30 million USD going to local businesses, including restaurants, bars, local transportation providers, art galleries, shops, and tour operators. This represents a 350% increase from 2014.

Hernández also confirmed that Puerto Vallarta hosted 102 events during the calendar year; including meetings, conventions and conferences.

Miguel Ángel García Beltrán González, Director of the Puerto Vallarta International Port (API) reported that 2015 saw 135 cruises making their calls in the destination this year, an increase of 25 cruises over the previous year.

"The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board has been working intensively alongside the destination's OCV and the municipality to continually promote the city's many attractions as well as creating new offerings and unique experiences. The numbers we are seeing are the result of our successful collaborative effort" said Agustin Alvarez, Director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board. "Our staff has been attracting new markets for Puerto Vallarta in South America and Europe and maintaining a strong presence in our natural markets with the help of our agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are confident that 2016 will be an even more successful year."