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 January 11, 2016
American Express Meeting & Events Partners With DoubleDutch To Launch Specialized Meetings App For Pharmaceutical Industry

 American Express Meetings & Events today announced the launch of a new app, HCP MOBILE CONNECT, designed to assist pharmaceutical companies to be transparent and meet compliance regulations when hosting HealthCare Providers (HCP) at their events. The app, which is powered by DoubleDutch, a global provider of mobile event technology, allows meeting owners to accurately confirm and log the attendance of the HCP attendees electronically, and can also be customized at a country level in order to provide local languages and relevant legal messages.

The HCP MOBILE CONNECT app is part of a comprehensive suite of Pharmaceutical Compliance Meetings Management Solutions from American Express Meetings & Events, developed to provide pharmaceutical companies with the ability to gather essential data in a simple, accurate way, thereby increasing transparency and control.

As new regulations are put into place, global pharmaceutical organizations face higher levels of complexity and scrutiny when it comes to the reporting and management of indirect transfer of value to HCPs, tied to participation in sales meetings, education programs and conferences. Digitally captured attendance records enable improved data collection integrity, which can improve compliance and visibility.

"Pharmaceutical companies are facing increasingly complex obligations from a regulatory and compliance perspective, both within the US and internationally," said Issa Jouaneh, Senior Vice President and General Manager, American Express Meetings & Events. "With this in mind, we offer a suite of services for the healthcare industry to assist in providing full visibility of meetings and events attendees and associated spending."

"The healthcare industry involves thousands of meetings every year, all over the world, and they vary in size from large conferences, to mini-events such as lunches and dinners. With this in mind, an app such as HCP MOBILE CONNECT, which provides transparency on attendance records, will deliver value to its users, who are required to keep track of this information in order to remain compliant."

HCP MOBILE CONNECT is available for download on all smartphones. Meeting organizers can quickly and easily scale up and down the number of people required to welcome meeting attendees based on the size of the event. Through the use of individual, password protected mobile logins, the app offers verifiable HCP attendance visibility while virtually removing the opportunity for error through paper sign-in sheets.

"The events industry is witnessing a digital and mobile revolution, with solutions such as DoubleDutch designed to digitize the offline experience and bring more data and insight to help event organizers track, measure, and optimize their events." said Lawrence Coburn, Founder & CEO, DoubleDutch.

HCP MOBILE CONNECT is available today to all American Express Meetings & Events pharmaceutical customers.