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 February 23, 2016
Pacific World / Access Global Destination Index Report Identifies Texas, Florida, & Las Vegas As Top Destinations For Incentives And Conferences In The USA

 Global Destination Index Report also identifies Italy, UAE, France, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore as most popular international destinations for meetings, incentives and conferences

Results from the Annual Global Destination Index, compiled by the leading DMC & Events Management companies, Pacific World and ACCESS Destination Services, have identified the top destinations for meetings, incentives and events in the last 12 months.

In the U.S. Texas has been the top destination for incentives and conferences, followed by Florida and Las Vegas.

The Index also revealed Italy, UAE and France as the top destinations for the EMEA region, and Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore for Asia, with North America being one of key source markets increasing in Thailand and Indonesia.

Patty Phelps, Vice President of Sales- Texas, ACCESS Destination Services, commented, "This year new hotel venues have attracted first-time corporate buyers, and rates have become favorable due to new and larger hotel openings. Increased airline travel to international and regional destinations are factors that account for the growth in visitors as well as meetings and incentives. Numerous cities in Texas, such as Dallas and San Antonio, are also developing reputations as cultural hot-spots with vibrant nightlife and performing arts scenes."

Jeff Nelke, DMCP, Partner- South Florida, ACCESS Destination Services, commented, "Florida has remained one of the top destinations in the country and this year has experienced growth in the number of international and regional visitors. New venues, restaurants, and an abundance of new attractions provide creative options for groups. Miami has also established itself as a domestic destination that can provide guests a unique international experience without having to go overseas."

Jennifer Miller, Regional President- Las Vegas, ACCESS Destination Services, commented, "The constantly evolving nature of Las Vegas has meant that repeat visitors have a new experience every time they visit. Las Vegas has continued to expand with new developments such as restaurants featuring celebrity chefs, corporate friendly venues and an expansion in air travel at McCarran Airport that includes new direct flights to international destinations such as Beijing."

Patricia Silvio, Global Marketing Manager of Pacific World, says: "When we analyze the international top destinations, we find that improved transport links and investment in infrastructure resulting in the opening of a number of new hotels and venues were factors accountable for Italy and France's rise in popularity. Accessible flight routes, new hotels, and an investment of time and resources in the latest technology and set-ups to facilitate large-scale events have pushed the UAE to the top of the list."

"If we observe developments in Asian destinations we find that in particular the Indonesian government's choice to no longer require US citizens to register for visas, an increase in flights into Bali/Indonesia, US hotel chains settling into the region and the USD going strong against the IDR, has increased Indonesia's popularity in the North American source market too."

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