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 January 25, 2016
Industry Leader Tony Lorenz Named Chief Executive Officer of AlliedPRA, Inc.

 AlliedPRA, Inc., a global leader in the Destination Management Company (DMC) sector, has announced industry veteran, Tony Lorenz, CMM has joined the award-winning company as its new Chief Executive Officer effective immediately.

Well known as an individual who thrives on value-creation and intelligent risk, Lorenz will play a vital role in taking AlliedPRA to the next level of Destination Management; crafting a new strategic path within the business events space. He will serve alongside long-time DMC icon, Denise Dornfeld whose position elevates from President to Chairperson of AlliedPRA. Together the two will craft a robust global growth plan to solidify the company's position as the leading Destination Management Company worldwide. In this key position, Lorenz will be charged with overseeing the strategic direction, operations, sales and marketing functions of the organization. In addition, he will expand the franchise system, strategic global partnerships, and identify opportunities to advance program technologies and service delivery methods.

Lorenz brings decades of experience to AlliedPRA in the fields of finance, entrepreneurship, operations, management, technology, sales and marketing. He has been a Founder and CEO of three successful event-focused businesses, most recently launching an award-winning thought leadership online platform, -- Best of Business, focused on bringing the best progressive educational content from targeted industries to benefit business professionals. As the Co-Founder and CEO, he originated the concept, developed the business model, partnerships and solutions through collaboration with industry-leading associations. Prior to that, Lorenz sold his successful event marketing agency, ProActive, to Freeman, extending Freeman's clear leadership position in the global events industry. Over four years, Lorenz led the creative team for Freeman, integrating his company into the organization. In addition, Lorenz holds a wide variety of civic and industry leadership positions, deep financial background and extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions to aid AlliedPRA in its aggressive growth plans. He's a graduate of Harvard Business School -- Owner/President Management program, and holds Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University.

"2016 is set to be a pivotal year for AlliedPRA, with new strategic partnerships, organic growth and continued client program success," stated Dornfeld. "We are experiencing a positive growth path for our company, unlike any other year in the past decade. Tony is the right person to work with me, as we capitalize on the strong economic conditions and exceptional service delivery and innovative program enhancements that have clearly differentiated AlliedPRA. With our aggressive future plans, we are thrilled to have Tony join our team, working in collaboration with existing company leaders, to ensure AlliedPRA remains in a position of strong growth. He is well-known in the industry, having deep relationships with the meeting industry's largest associations and corporations. He is also recognized as a thought leader who continues to change the way we operate and interact in this industry. I'm excited about the future outlook not only for our company but for the industry as a whole when we have leaders like Tony who push us all to see opportunities in a new light and have the courage to take risks that lead to great rewards."

Lorenz stated, "AlliedPRA has positioned itself well, with tremendous opportunity ahead. I am fortunate to join the company at this time, from the foundation of yet another leading organization, which has and will continue to craft a path others will follow in its sector, and possibly adjacent sectors, over time. I look forward to making the most of the opportunities that lie ahead and I am thrilled to work side by side with this incredible team at AlliedPRA to get it done."