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 May 22, 2002
New Eurostar Plus France Railpass And Eurostar Plus Britrail Pass

 Two new products have just been announced that save travelers money and offer increased flexibility when they combine a French or British railpass with a journey on the high-speed Eurostar train though the Channel Tunnel. Available May 28, Rail Europe?s new Eurostar Plus France Railpass and Eurostar Plus BritRail Pass, starting at $222 US/$367 CAN and $279 US/$422 CAN, respectively, represent a saving of up to 25% over puchasing the railpass and Eurostar ticket separately. In addition, travelers have the flexibility of reserving Eurostar seats in Europe as late as 45 minutes before departure time. The new passes make a trip combining Europe?s two most popular countries more affordable and flexible than ever.

The Eurostar Plus France Railpass includes a 4-day France Railpass (in either 1st or 2nd class) with a voucher for either a one-way or roundtrip Eurostar ticket (in either 1st or standard class). Discounts are given for young travelers under 26 and children under 12. Compare the cost of a 2nd class Eurostar Plus France Railpass (with standard class Eurostar round-trip ticket) at $277 US/$458 CAN vs the combined cost of a 4-day 2nd class France Railpass ($210 US/$347 CAN) plus Eurostar round-trip standard class ticket at the passholder (lowest) fare ( $150 US/$248 CAN) ? a total of $360 US/$595 CAN.

The Eurostar Plus BritRail Pass includes a 3-day BritRail Flexipass (in either 1st or standard class) with a voucher for a one-way or roundtrip Eurostar ticket (in either 1st or standard class). Discounts are given for children under 12. Prices vary depending on the class of service and whether a one-way or roundtrip on Eurostar is purchased.

Flexible travel days

Both the France Railpass and BritRail Flexipass may be used on non-consecutive days within one month (France Railpass) or two months (BritRail Flexipass). Reservations for Eurostar are required and must be made in Europe at the Eurostar ticket windows (London?s Waterloo, Paris? Gare du Nord or Brussels? Midi station) no later than 45 minutes prior to departure. The Eurostar ticket must be used within the validity period of the accompanying railpass. For round-trip Eurostar voucher, outbound and inbound trips must be booked together.