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May 15, 2002
VIA Completes $350,000 Renovations To Kitchener-Waterloo Station

Rail Canada has officially opened Kitchener-Waterloo?s renovated train station, marking the completion of a $350,000 project started last October to modernize facilities for the growing number of passengers using the station. On hand at a n...
May 14, 2002
Transport Minister Opens Renewed VIA Station In Brantford

Rail Canada has officially opened VIA Rails renovated Brantford station. On hand for the occasion were Transport Minister David Collenette and VIAs Regional Director for South-western Ontario, Pierre Santoni. They were joined by the Honoura...
March 20, 2002
Eurostar Train To Start London-Avignon Route This Summer

This summer travelers can go for the first time directly between London and Avignon in the south of France city-center-to-city-center via the Channel Tunnel on the high-speed Eurostar train. The London-Avignon route will run only in the sum...
January 25, 2002
Extra Free Day Of Rail Travel In Austria Offered By Rail Europe

Anyone purchasing an Austrian Railpass from Rail Europe between February 1 and April 30 this year will receive an extra day of unlimited rail travel free. Because railpasses are valid for 6 months from date of purchase, travel may take plac...
January 23, 2002
Yahoo! and Amtrak Unveil Country's First Internet-Enabled Trains

Ever yahooed on a train? Now, you can! Yahoo! Inc. and Amtrak have rolled out the United States' first Internet-enabled passenger trains. The three interactive trains will operate on Amtrak services, the Acela Regional in the Northeast, Cap...
January 21, 2002
3-Country Eurail Selectpass For Two Or More By Rail Europe

Two or more people traveling in three bordering European countries can save 32% by buying a specially priced Eurail Selectpass Saver between February 1 and April 30 this year, according to an announcement by Rail Europe, leading North Ameri...
January 17, 2002
Amtrack and Continental Airlines Code Share For Domestic Travel

Amtrak and Continental Airlines have partnered to create the country's first domestic air/rail code share. Travelers will be able to transfer easily between Amtrak's northeast rail service in four major cities to air service via Continental...
January 08, 2002
New France 'N Italy Pass From Rail Europe

A new economical two-country railpass, the France 'n Italy Pass, for use in the two most popular Continental countries for tourists, is now available for purchase exclusively from Rail Europe, largest North American distributor of European ...
November 27, 2001
2002 Eurailpass/Europass Prices To Rise; Buy Now At Lower 2001 Prices

With average price increases of 6.5-8.7% on Eurailpass, Eurail Selectpass and Europass coming in 2002, it pays to buy these European railpasses - valid for travel up to six months after purchase - at the lower 2001 prices before December 31...
November 21, 2001
VIA Rail Canada Advises High Demand For Passenger Rail Continues

Passenger rail traffic is up significantly since the events of mid-September and demand remains strong. VIA Rail Canada today issued the following business update: "Following the events of September 11, and the temporary shutdown of air tra...
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