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September 02, 2014
Aircell Rebrands As Gogo Business Aviation

Gogo Inc., a global aero-communications service provider, has announced that Aircell, the company's business aviation division, has rebranded as Gogo Business Aviation. The Aircell brand can be traced back 23 years to the company's orig...
August 19, 2014
Epson Introduces Professional-Grade Widescreen HD Projectors With Advanced Connectivity

Epson today introduced two new EX Pro series projectors, delivering high brightness and advanced connectivity options, including built-in wireless projection and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) support. The new EX7235 Pro and EX7230 Pro a...
November 20, 2013
XCom Global Upgrades Customer Service to Include 24-Hour Toll-Free Phone Support

XCom Global, Inc., a leading provider of reliable 3G/4G wireless Internet access rental services for international travelers, announced today it is launching 24-hour toll-free phone support for international travelers around the world. "...
October 07, 2013
XCom Global Adds 4G Mobile Hotspots To WiFi Device Rental Fleet

XCom Global, Inc., a leading provider of reliable wireless Internet access rental services for international travelers, is now offering ZTE Mobile Hotspots to renters who are heading to destinations with high-speed 4G/HSPA+ wireless coverag...
April 18, 2013
Groupe Encore Offers Virtual Travel Through Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN)

GVN's end-to-end solution connects the demand for virtual communication with a global supply of public videoconferencing rooms. The new GVN platform enables travel agencies to support their corporate customers with virtual travel alternativ...
March 27, 2013
Epson Introduces BrightLink Pro 1410Wi Meeting Room Projector

Epson today introduced the BrightLink Pro 1410Wi -- an ultra-short throw meeting room projector designed to provide increased organizational productivity and efficiency. The BrightLink Pro turns a traditional whiteboard, wall or virtually a...
October 11, 2012
Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) Expands Its "Virtual Airline" Videoconferencing Network

Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN), "The Virtual Airline", is progressing in delivering its ambition to create the world's largest network of 20,000 high-definition videoconferencing facilities for the business traveller. This month, GV...
August 29, 2012
NetJets Selects Aircell For In-Flight Internet Expansion

Aircell, a leading provider of in-flight connectivity equipment and services to the business aviation market, has announced that NetJets is adding in-flight Internet service from Aircell to nearly 100 additional aircraft in its fleet. In...
April 20, 2012
Whygo Appoints Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN)

GVN and Whygo are partnering to bring a comprehensive, end-to-end and best-in-class videoconferencing solution to the travel industry. Through Whygo's public room inventory and GVN's travel specific distribution integration, this exclusive ...
January 04, 2012
XCom Global Expands Coverage To 195 Countries; Offers A Single Device Global Travel Plan Option

XCom Global, Inc., a leading provider of low cost wireless Internet access rental services for international travelers, has expanded its coverage to a total of 195 countries. In addition, itineraries that include multiple countries can be c...
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