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 October 24, 2007
New SwiftBroadband By Vizada For Inflight Connectivity

 Vizada, the largest provider of Inmarsat aeronautical services and the fastest growing provider of Swift services in the industry, October 24 announced that SwiftBroadband by Vizada is now commercially available. SwiftBroadband is Inmarsat's first fully IP-based, high-speed data service offering broadband in-flight connectivity including both cockpit communications and cabin applications.

"This new service furthers Vizada's corporate mission to meet the high-speed connectivity needs of our aeronautical customers," said Bob Baker, COO Vizada Americas. "SwiftBroadband expands our product portfolio and allows us to offer more capability to our service providers and customers in the air transport, business aviation and government markets."

SwiftBroadband by Vizada enables a diverse range of applications from safety communications, weather and flight-plan updates to e-mail, Internet and phone services. For officials traveling on government aircraft, the service ensures secure and reliable access to information resources on the ground.

Commercial and private jet passengers are able to stay in contact through high-speed Internet, e-mail, text messaging and voice connectivity. In addition, pilots using SwiftBroadband by Vizada are able to maintain direct contact with air traffic control and enhance the safety of their passengers and crew members.

SwiftBroadband by Vizada works with existing satellite terminals and supports simultaneous voice and broadband data, with an 'always available' background class data connection of up to 432 kbps per channel. It also offers a pre-determined quality of service through streaming classes of 32, 64 or 128 kbps. In addition, a low-cost voice channel, a generic SMS service, and an ISDN connection (64/56 kbps UDI or 3.1 kHz audio), ensures that SwiftBroadband users remain connected.

Built from Vizada's Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) infrastructure, SwiftBroadband by Vizada enables customer access to Vizada's industry best portfolio of value-added services. Customers benefit from account management tools for easy, on-line traffic monitoring and service activation as well solutions for low-cost ground-to-air calling. Vizada also offers firewall and high security services, messaging and e-mail, a fully integrated, global IP network, and end-to-end service quality via a variety of termination options.

In addition, Vizada has network redundancy giving the aeronautical user community confidence that communications will go through no matter what challenges they may face.

To assist customers with SwiftBroadband by Vizada, the company offers a training academy, which provides service providers and end users service and application training. In addition, Vizada's Customer Care center is available year-round, 24 hours a day to provide support.

Vizada, a leading global satellite communications provider serving land-based, maritime and aeronautical customers, combines the strengths of two of the industry's longest-standing providers: the former Telenor Satellite Services and France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications.

SwiftBroadband by Vizada will be accessible worldwide, except for the extreme polar regions, following the launch of Inmarsat's third I-4 satellite. Currently the service is available in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean regions.