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 October 06, 2008
BT Openzone Wi-Fi Estate Expands With New Hotspots

 BT Openzone customers now have an extra 6,600 wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) locations to choose from following the additions of iBAHN, Wayport, and Latin American operator Vex, to the BT estate. The three networks boost the international footprint to more than 45,000 worldwide sites.

Wi-Fi access is now available through iBAHN at almost 1,500 hotspots at the Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and all Marriott brands in the Americas and Canada. BT Openzone customers can also connect at an additional 230 locations in the UK.

Wayport provides access at around 500 USA hotels including the Four Seasons, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Radisson and Renaissance five star groups.

In South America, Latin American operator, Vex, adds 4,600 hotspots spanning Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia and Venezuela. The number also includes hotspots in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxemburg and South Africa.

Chris Bruce, general manager, BT Openzone, said: "We're bringing wireless broadband to more people travelling the globe and have added 10,000 hotspots in the last year. BT customers can get online without wires, from an even wider range of quality locations."

To help travellers predict communication costs when abroad and avoid high mobile operator roaming charges, the BT international voucher provides 500 Wi-Fi minutes for 14 days for £28. The cost of downloading a large digital file when roaming can cost over £10.00. This is reduced to as little as 12p per megabyte using BT's international voucher.

Passengers using any of the 25 British Airways lounges in the UK and Jersey, including Heathrow's newly opened Terminal 5, can use free BT Openzone. The service is also available to any voucher or subscription customer in the main BAA Terminal 5 building.

BT customers can also connect at over 100,000 UK and Ireland locations, including those provided by the BT FON Wi-Fi Community, BT Openzone and its roaming partners, plus BT Openzone hotspots via the BT Business Hub. These include railway stations, hotel chains, coffee shops, marinas and extensive coverage across 12 major city centers.