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 January 04, 2012
XCom Global Expands Coverage To 195 Countries; Offers A Single Device Global Travel Plan Option

 XCom Global, Inc., a leading provider of low cost wireless Internet access rental services for international travelers, has expanded its coverage to a total of 195 countries. In addition, itineraries that include multiple countries can be covered with a single device using the company's new Global Travel Plan option.

XCom Global's newly formed alliance with iPhone Trip allowed it to extend its reach and create the single device Global Travel Plan. "We want to be able to keep our customers connected no matter where their travels take them," said Seiji Nishimura, founder and CEO, XCom Global, Inc. "We are really close to achieving our goal with this latest addition of over 130 countries."

XCom Global's high-speed Internet access rental service provides international travelers unlimited data usage and the freedom to wirelessly roam abroad at fixed rates starting at $12.95/per day in 195 countries. Bundled with the Unlimited aXcess plan, the XCom Global's MiFi Hotspot rental unit enables instant access to a personal mobile hotspot, so travelers can stay connected wherever they are. Up to five WiFi-enabled devices can use the unit simultaneously allowing the MiFi Hotspot to be shared with traveling companions and saving on multiple usage charges.

The Europe Travel Plan is a single device solution for those traveling to multiple countries within the European continent. The new Global Travel Plan provides a single device solution for those with multiple-country travel plans -- including, but not limited to, European destinations. To keep the process quick and easy, travelers simply provide their itinerary and XCom Global recommends the best plan to fit their needs.

XCom Global, Inc.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., XCom Global, Inc. is a leader in providing easy access to low cost, high-speed, wireless Internet access rental services to international business and leisure travelers. The company offers broad worldwide coverage at rates substantially below standard international roaming charges. XCom Global is a U.S. subsidiary of an established Japanese company that has been in the forefront of providing travelers with innovative wireless communications services for over 14 years.