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 April 18, 2013
Groupe Encore Offers Virtual Travel Through Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN)

 GVN's end-to-end solution connects the demand for virtual communication with a global supply of public videoconferencing rooms. The new GVN platform enables travel agencies to support their corporate customers with virtual travel alternatives through the existing travel booking processes, online and offline. Moreover, corporations can register their private videoconferencing rooms to the GVN network to maximize the usage and return-on-investment on their own videoconferencing infrastructure.

Groupe Encore has over 25 years of experience in the corporate travel agency business and has been very innovative along the way. They have developed sophisticated and complete travel management services that fully cover every conceivable aspect of physical travel and now also virtual travel.

"GVN perfectly fits our customer service model," said Monique Mardinian, CEO at Groupe Encore. "GVN understands that the modern business travelers meet in many ways, face-to-face and in-person, but also that the travel agency is the corner stone of their meeting processes. It is the only point-of-sale which can bring added value and full service to the customer. Groupe Encore selected GVN because they are the only player in the travel industry that has thought of all the pieces of the puzzle and has put them together in a comprehensive solution."

"We are very proud that Groupe Encore selected us as their partner of choice," explains Glenn Wastyn, President and CEO of GVN. "Groupe Encore perfectly complements our services. GVN's technology does not compete with the travel agencies service offering, but on the contrary enables them to be the one-stop-shop. The travel management companies of the future do not only process air, car, rail and hotel transactions, they are a total meeting service provider which includes virtual alternatives in their product portfolio."

Global Videoconferencing Network

Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN), the virtual airline and headquartered in Belgium, provides an end-to-end videoconferencing solution integrated into the travel industry channels for corporate customers. GVN manages the hardware, financing, service while fully supporting the commercial model and structure of the travel industry. The GVN business goals include deploying 20,000 end points by 2017, exponentially spread over the four deployment years. GVN is privately owned.