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 March 15, 2005
Toshiba Introduces New Portege S100 Ultra-Portable Notebook

 Toshiba's Digital Products Division has announced the ultimate in performance, portability and style with the launch of the Portege S100 notebook computer. Loaded with features for durability, security and connectivity in a package that is as powerful as it is light, thin and stylish, the Portege S100 offers today's discerning mobile computing professional a notebook meticulously handcrafted to satisfy those who insist on the best of everything in mobile computing.

"For Toshiba, the Portege S100 represents another milestone in our history of delivering leading-edge mobile computing products," said Taro Hiyama, vice president of marketing, Digital Products Division,
Toshiba America Information Systems. "By blending the latest advances in mobile computing with a high level of investment protection, we are confident that the full-featured design of our Portege S100 will satisfy the needs of today's mobile professionals."

Weighing 4.38 pounds, the Portege S100 is Toshiba's lightest ultra-portable, two-spindle notebook to feature a 14.1-inch display and measures under an inch thin. This is the first Portege to integrate a 9.5mm Ultra Slim SelectBay drive and a 2.5-inch Serial ATA hard drive. The Ultra Slim SelectBay allows users to swap out the bay with different optical drives or secondary hard drive options. The inclusion of Serial ATA delivers faster, more reliable access to information maintained on the hard drive.

A result of Toshiba's commitment to research and development, the Portege S100 incorporates three of the company's key usage initiatives: Protect, Secure and Connect. All three initiatives are designed to better protect a user's mobile computing investment.


Utilizing a two-level approach to protection, the Portege S100 incorporates specially designed shock-absorbing materials to safeguard critical components such as hard drive and LCD display. Externally, users will see an industrial design that includes graceful curves on the four corners of the notebook that serve a purpose similar to automobile bumpers. Internally, for better isolation, the hard drive and screen are housed within their own shock absorption casings.

The Toshiba HDD Protection System safeguards the Portege S100's hard drive against possible damage resulting from accidental dropping, turbulence or vibration. Through the integration of a 3D accelerometer, the Toshiba HDD Protection System detects when the Portege S100 is in a potentially unsafe environment, caused by sudden "acceleration" in any direction. Once danger is detected, the hard drive immediately places itself into a protected mode and parks the hard drive head until the system determines it is safe to resume normal operation.

In the case of accidental spills, Toshiba's spill-resistant keyboard design will ward off the threat of moisture damaging internal components for several minutes in order to allow the user the opportunity to properly close files and power down the notebook, reducing the possibility of losing vital data.


The Toshiba Trusted Platform Module (TPM) encryption solution provides users with a high level of data encryption for storage of files, identity protection, and securing vital corporate and personal information. This protects both data and personal identity from compromise due to external software attack or physical theft.


Toshiba's new ultra-portable notebook features a complete suite of communication technologies, including Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection (802.11b/g), Gigabit Ethernet and fast infrared. In addition, the Portege S100 features ConfigFree with ConfigFree Summit and Toshiba's patented Diversity Antenna for optimum Wi-Fi access and functionality. Toshiba's patented Diversity Antenna design delivers better wireless signal reception through the integration of strategically placed dual-band Wi-Fi antennas in the notebook's display.

ConfigFree is Toshiba's intuitive graphic connectivity management utility designed to simplify the connectivity experience when using both wired and wireless Ethernet connectivity. The ConfigFree Summit feature allows users and workgroups to send and receive files between colleagues or clients when connected via LAN or Wireless LAN.

Enhancing Performance

The Portege S100 incorporates the new Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Pentium M processor and the new Mobile Intel 915PM Express chipset. These recent innovations from Intel will increase performance and improve wireless interoperability, enabling the Portege S100 to deliver the level of computing demanded by today's mobile professionals.

Another impressive element of the Portege S100 is the inclusion of the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 TE graphics processor. This technology features NVIDIA PureVideo, Microsoft DirectX 9 Shader Model
3.0 and NVIDIA PowerMizer 5.0 to deliver brilliant video, 3D graphics, long battery life and enhanced system performance.