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 March 24, 2005
Panasonic Launches World's Fastest Rugged Notebook Computer

 Panasonic Computer Solutions Company has introduced the industry's highest-performance rugged notebook, the 2GHz Toughbook CF-51. The CF-51 is based on Intel Corporation's revolutionary new
Centrino mobile technology platform, and includes the Intel Pentium M processor 760 at 2.0GHz, a full magnesium-alloy case, an internally shock-and-drop resistant 80GB removable hard drive, 1GB Ethernet NIC 10/100/1000 support, Intel Pro/Wireless 802.11a/b/g connectivity and a 15-inch UXGA (1600x1200 pixel) TFT active-matrix color display mounted in a shock-and-vibration hardened encasement.

"The Toughbook CF-51 is much more than just another new, faster-CPU'd face on the rugged computer scene," said Panasonic Computer Solutions Company President Rance Poehler. "The CF-51 does have the fastest CPU clock speed in its class, but the main reason for its superior overall system performance is the Panasonic engineering expertise that enabled us to rapidly Second Generation Centrino mobility platform and 533MHz FSB CPUs into our computers.

"Our chief competitors are still using 400MHz bus CPUs and first-generation Centrino technology and that - even more than the difference in raw clock speed - is why they're falling behind in every crucial performance category."

Poehler also noted that the new Toughbook's hard-drive implementation significantly expands the definition of the term "ruggedized computer."

"With the 51 we have expanded the ruggedization process out of the box and applied it to specific individual components which are likely to be repeatedly removed and reinstalled," he said.

"The Toughbook CF-51 was specifically designed for customers with critical data-security requirements such as government employees and Enterprise executives who are required to pull their hard drives whenever they leave their computers unattended," he said. "They - and we - were rightly concerned about what might happen when a bare drive is accidentally dropped or subjected to some other shock. Our response to those concerns is the Toughbook's proprietary hard drive, which can withstand a four-foot drop to a solid surface.

"Some of our competitors may have hard drives that will take that kind of impact when they're safely tucked up in the computer case, but none of them have a bare drive that can survive that kind of abuse. The reason none of our competitors have that rugged a drive is simple. None of our competitors manufactures their own drives. Panasonic does."

The only core manufacturer in the rugged computer market, Panasonic designs and manufacturers such durability optimized Toughbook components as cases, hard drives, display screens, system boards, advanced heat-transfer systems and dirt and moisture seals.

The Toughbook CF-51JBRDCBM is powered by an Intel Pentium M processor 760 running at 2.0GHz, a 533MHZ front-side bus and 2GMB L2 cache. It ships standard with 512MB of DDR RAM (expandable to 2GB), a 15-inch TFT active-matrix UXGA display with 64MB VRAM, an 80GB hardened hard drive, a DVD/CD-RW combo drive which can be user-replaced with a second battery for extended runtime of up to seven hours, a modular floppy drive, wired, wireless and analog modem support, and Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2.

CF-51JBRDCBM Intel Pentium M processor 760 (2.0GHz), 15"UXGA, 512MB, 80GB, 64MB VRAM, 56K, 1 gig Ethernet NIC 10/100/1000, Intel 802.11a+b+g, COMBO drive, FDD, Windows XP SP2