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 May 10, 2005
VAIO Notebooks With Integrated Wireless Wide Area Network Technology

 Sony's new wireless notebooks break the boundaries of wired connections and hotspots. The ultra-portable VAIO T-Series is the first widely available notebook PC with integrated high-speed wireless wide area network (WWAN) technology, giving you the ability to access high-speed wireless data services in such places as your living room, a park or on the road.

Ideal for highly mobile professionals who need convenient access to e-mail, data and information when on the road, Sony VAIO T-Series notebooks can connect to the Internet just about anywhere there is cellular coverage. An exclusive combination of hardware and software automatically links the notebook to the Cingular Wireless nationwide1 EDGE Network, the fastest national wireless data network in the U.S.

"With VAIO products, we constantly strive to surprise and delight with innovative design, record-breaking stamina and advanced technology that people can really use," said Mike Abary, general manager of VAIO product marketing for Sony Electronics. "The exciting combination of our hardware and Cingular's service allows you to go beyond the limited world of corporate, private and public hotspots to get online wherever you happen to be."

"Cingular and Sony will be the first to reach a broad market with a powerful, integrated WWAN PC solution that is a true demonstration of both companies' commitment to innovation in serving the mobile professional," said Jeff Bradley, vice president of Business Data Services for Cingular Wireless. "We are combining Sony's strength in leading-edge design for consumers with Cingular's expertise in the enterprise marketplace and nationwide high-speed wireless data capabilities to re-set the standard in mobile computing."

Make the Best Connection

The latest VAIO notebook is equipped with new Sony's SmartWi technology. It allows you to quickly and easily toggle between various connectivity options by just using the PC's function keys. The software interface is elegantly integrated to ensure that you can use it right out of the box. You can choose WLAN for Wi-Fi connections at home, office or hotspots, Bluetooth technology for peripherals, or WWAN for access to Cingular's nationwide EDGE network when you're traveling outside the reach of wired networks or hotspots.

Giving Users an EDGE

Cingular operates the largest digital wireless voice and data network in the United States, and its EDGE service is the fastest national wireless data network in the country. EDGE provides users with a high-speed wireless experience in 13,000 cities and towns and along nearly 40,000 miles of Interstate highways in the U.S. at typical speeds of 70 to 135 kilobits per second (kbps).

Productivity without Boundaries

This ultra-mobile notebook is the latest in the Sony VAIO T-Series line that provides powerful computing in a thin, 3.04-pound design compact enough to fit into a small briefcase or purse. The new PC is also equipped to serve as a high-power mobile entertainment center. Packed with high-end Sony multimedia software, the PC provides music and DVD playback with the touch of a button. Advanced battery optimization technology provides enough juice for both work and play, with 3.5 up to nine hours of action (depending on usage) on a single charge.

The notebook contains all of the multimedia features and functionalities expected from a VAIO PC, including a DVD+R double layer DVD+RW drive, Click to DVD software for one-click DVD burning, a 10.6-inch wide-format LCD with XBRITE display technology, and built-in Dolby technology for headphone surround sound.

Sony's complete VAIO Entertainment Software Suite includes applications for video editing, digital photo and music management, and VAIO Media software - a simple interface for sharing digital content among PCs or compatible consumer electronics devices on a home network.

VAIO T-Series notebooks with a midnight blue chassis will be widely available in June.