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 June 14, 2005
Toshiba Introduces 14-Inch Widescreen Dockable Notebook For Business

 Toshiba's Digital Products Divisionhas introduced the Tecra A5 series of notebooks. Toshiba's newest high-performance, affordable, business notebook is the first 14-inch diagonal widescreen display with docking capabilities. Weighing under five pounds and 1.2-inches thin, the Tecra A5 is a space-saving notebook filled with today's must-have business features. The integration of a 14-inch diagonal widescreen, high-brightness display provides 25 percent more viewable content on a sharper screen and allows users to more effectively view and manage multiple documents, spreadsheets or browser windows on the screen simultaneously.

"Since bringing to market our first consumer widescreen notebook we have fielded an overwhelming amount of interest from our SMB and SOHO customers about widescreen notebooks," said Taro Hiyama, vice president of marketing, Digital Products Division, Toshiba America Information Systems. "The Tecra A5 offers professionals a reliable, well-designed notebook packaged in a unique form factor with an attractive price point."

The Tecra A5 offers Toshiba EasyGuard(TM) software utility to enhance system connectivity and optimize performance.


To simplify wired and wireless connectivity, the Tecra A5 includes Toshiba ConfigFree. This connectivity management utility consists of four components:

- Wireless Radar - displays nearby active access points and Bluetooth in radar GUI. Users have the ability to draw a line to connect to devices.

- Connectivity Doctor - analyze the network connection and fix the problem.

- Profile Setting - Enables users to easily switch between network configurations.

- ConfigFree Summit - Connect with members nearby. Sharing documents with members is easy - just drag the file to the center.

Toshiba engineered this widescreen notebook with its patented Diversity Antenna design for optimum wireless Wi-Fi access and functionality. This design delivers better wireless signal reception through the integration of strategically placed dual-band Wi-Fi antennas in the notebook's display cover.


Users can customize notebook settings for optimum performance and battery life, based on individuals' needs, with the Toshiba Power Saver. The Toshiba Presentation Button gives users the capability to connect the notebook to a digital projector or external monitor to display presentations with just the press of a button. To easily manage all of the EasyGuard software utilities from a single window, the company created the Toshiba Assist Button.

Ease of Use

The notebook includes the Toshiba Touch and Launch application, which provides an innovative combination of touchpad and on-screen menu to simplify the process of launching programs that are most commonly used.


Toshiba offers the Tecra A5 in two recommended configurations, the Tecra A5-S116 and A5-S416. The Tecra A5-S416 is equipped with Intel Centrino Mobile Technology and features Intel Pentium M processor 730 with 533MHz front side bus, integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 BG Network Connection (802.11 b/g wireless LAN). For those business users that prefer a more economical option, the Tecra A5-S116 is equipped with the Intel Celeron M processor 370 with 400MHz, front bus and integrated Atheros 802.11 b/g wireless.

Users can choose between two graphic engines to best meet their needs. Business users who are looking for high-quality graphics can enjoy the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900. For those who are looking for an elite end graphic engine, the first-rate, clear digital video powered by the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 graphics processor unit with TurboCache delivers optimum performance. This combination of features enables the Tecra A5 to deliver better performance and connectivity options for the business and multimedia user.