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 May 08, 2001
Logitech's Cordless MouseMan Optical Available Worldwide

 Logitech today announced that Cordless MouseMan Optical is now available worldwide on retail shelves and online at an SRP of $69.95 / 149 DM. Since its introduction in March, the product has been a popular success, with over 200 thousand units sold to retail channels in the first month alone. Recently, it won Best-of-Show at Retail Vision, the computer industry's largest retail channel event.

"Logitech has once again exceeded customer expectations by delivering a product that combines today's two hottest mouse technologies - cordless freedom and optical precision," said Wolfgang Hausen, senior vice president and general manager of Logitech's Control Devices Business Unit. "The strong success of Cordless MouseMan Optical is due to the marriage of these two technologies - cordlessness frees users from the tangled cords that once plagued their desktop, while the lack of a ball makes the mouse precise and eliminates the need for cleaning."

Logitech, the world's largest manufacturer of mice, and Agilent Technologies, inventor of the optical sensor, jointly developed a new power-saving optical chip specifically for Cordless MouseMan Optical. The new optical sensor delivers twice the resolution of previous versions at 800 dots-per-inch (DPI), providing improved accuracy on all surfaces. The duplex optical sensor is the first of its kind that measures the amount of light reflected from the surface in order to gauge required brightness of the LED. This process results in reduced battery consumption and is key to the performance of Cordless MouseMan Optical, which efficiently manages the energy required for an optical sensor.

Because battery life was a major challenge in the development of a cordless optical mouse, sometimes referred to as the "holy grail" of mouse technology, Logitech also built into the firmware a power-saving system that utilizes four stages of power consumption to help maintain a remarkable three-month battery life. To inform the user in advance that the batteries should be changed, the software includes a low battery-life indicator and allows the user to easily check battery status.

Cordless MouseMan Optical is designed to comfortably fit the right hand. It has a four-button design with two brushed-steel buttons and a scroll wheel that doubles as the third button. The fourth button is conveniently located under the thumb. Each of these buttons can easily be programmed to the user's preference.

The receiver uses either a USB or a PS/2 interface and is compatible with Windows(R) 3.X, Windows 95 and 98, Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium Edition, as well as Macintosh 8.6 or later operating systems. Cordless MouseMan Optical carries a five-year warranty.