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 May 11, 2001
Palm VIIx Price Reduction

 Effective today, Palm has lowered the price of the Palm VIIx handheld from $299 to $199 (estimated U.S. street price).

Palm is also currently offering a rebate program on the Palm VIIx handheld. Customers are eligible for the $100 rebate when they buy a Palm VIIx handheld and sign up for one year of Palm.Net wireless service at $24.99 per month or unlimited service at $44.99 per month. The rebate is good through 12/31/01.

The combined deal offers customers a record low price on the industry's first integrated wireless handheld series.

With a Palm VIIx handheld and Palm.Net wireless service, you can: Send and receive email directly from your handheld Download web clipping applications to get stock quotes, sports scores, today's headlines and tomorrow's weather Update your Date Book wirelessly through our free MyPalm portal

To learn more about the hundreds of free web clipping applications you can download now, visit: