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 October 15, 2001
New Dell Inspiron 4100 Notebook

 Dell has introduced the Inspiron 4100, a thin, affordable notebook that packs some of the best industry features into slightly more than six portable pounds. The Inspiron 4100, available now on a global basis, is one of the first mainstream notebooks to support a high-resolution 14.1-inch Ultra XGA display and offer standard 16MB of ATI's Mobility RADEON video graphic memory.

The new notebook is designed to be easy for customers to personally configure with a variety of options. Customers can choose from three different display resolutions for the large, bright 14.1-inch viewing area, three hard drive sizes up to 30 GB, and four optical drives, including an 8X DVD / 4X CD-RW combination drive. Eighteen different QuickSnap color inserts, ranging from Burl Wood to Snakeskin to Spring Palette, provide customers the ability to personalize the look of their notebook.

The Inspiron 4100 features Intel's Mobile Pentium III processor-M in speeds of up to 1.2GHz combined with Intel's 830 chipset, and can be configured with up to 1 GB of PC 133 SDRAM. ATI's Mobility Radeon with 4X AGP and 16 MB of DDR memory deliver super fast 2-D and 3-D graphics performance and exceptional DVD playback performance. The new notebook also offers fully integrated communications with optional integrated networking, modem and/or internal TrueMobile 802.11 wireless connectivity.

The price of a wireless-ready Inspiron 4100 starts at $1,229. Featuring a Mobile Intel Pentium III processor-M at 866 MHz, 128 MB 133MHz SDRAM, 14.1-inch XGA display, ATI Mobility Radeon graphics chipset, 10 GB2 hard disk drive, integrated 56k v.90 modem(d) and 3COM 10/100 networking, Dell's DualPoint technology, 24X maximum CD-ROM drive, floppy diskette drive, Microsoft Windows Millennium and Microsoft Works Suite with Money, and 1-year limited warranty(e). With a Mobile Intel Pentium III processor-M at 1.2 GHz, 256 MB 133MHz SDRAM, 14.1-inch UXGA display, 8X CDRW / DVD combination drive, and 8-cell Lithium Ion "smart" battery, the price is $2,249.

All Inspiron notebooks support Microsoft Windows XP. More information on Inspiron notebooks is available at